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Join us on Facebook every week for a mini webisode all about Andy Jones, a Red Bull extreme cliff diver who has a thrill for life and adventure!

Why Andy?

Well, basically he’s a super cool guy (he's also pretty funny) with a love for life and crazy adrenaline filled activities.  Also this guy has no fear.  Like seriously, he jumps off cliffs for fun (who does that?!). 

Tune in as we'll be documenting Andy on his journey’s around the world from his hometown Los Angeles to Chile, Texas, Italy and many more. We’ll also be revealing the in’s and out’s of Andy’s day to day and what he gets up to in the run up to diving events and competitions. 

He's also an avid traveller

If you think you travel a lot then listen to this... he travels roughly 16 weeks a year competing internationally with his Red Bull Cliff Diving team, and clocks up around 150,000 air miles visiting almost every continent every year.  

Watch the first episode here!

Check out Episode 2 over on our next blog! Don't forget to share below :) 

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