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Queue the biggest meal of your year. Your holiday dinner. It can get messy, sweaty, disastrous, miraculous, turn out a delight (or a fright), but it's worth it in the end. Wouldn't you agree?! 😄


Fancy mixing it up this year with festive dishes from around the world? We got our friends Caprice and Yan to help you achieve this! Read on friends!! 

Credit Photo: Experience Press Association 

The Challenge

The dream team have paired up to take on our challenge! You may of heard of Caprice Bourret, the ultimate supermodel turned businesswoman.  Then there's Yan, Britain's Bake Off hero and internet star.  Well they teamed up to take on Trtl's Festive Feast Challenge this year.  The pair took on the task of re-creating three tasty courses from our top festive dishes.  

Over the 3 part series we will be featuring dishes from all over the world, with only one catch... they had no recipe to follow. 

Watch the teaser below to see how it unfolded...

Check out all episodes below or over on Facebook to see all the results of the Festive Feast Challenges! 

Get ready to make some of these delicious dishes too, just click through the links below for detailed recipes and inspiration.  Let us know which dishes would you choose to make this year in the comments or if you have any yummy festive recipes you want to share with us we would love to hear them!


Mexico - Caprice and Yan's choice of Starter!

Credit Recipe: Bill Jamison and Cheryl Alter Jamison/Cooking Light Photo: Douglas Merriam/Jan Gautro 
Ensalada de Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Salad) is a light and super tasty festive treat that the whole family will enjoy!

Check out the full recipe here

Note: We made a couple of alterations to this recipe: we didn't include mayonnaise (as we heard it was too runny with mayo) and apples were used as a substitute for jicama (we couldn't source it in time unfortunately!).


Credit Photo: Ma-K / Getty Images
Polish Beet Soup (Barszcz Wigilijny) This yummy beetroot soup is usually served with Polish dumplings.

Check out the full recipe here

Main Course

Europe - Caprice and Yan's choice of Main! It's got their seal of approval! See how the Bake Off alumni got on!

Credit Recipe/Photo: BBC / Sophie Goodwin
This Vegetarian Christmas Wreath is a definite showstopper!

Check out the full recipe here 


Credit Getty Images 
All the way from Brazil we have the Ceia de Natal (Brazilian Christmas Turkey Feast). One for the meat and Champagne lovers!

Check out the full recipe here 


Northern Europe - Watch Yan and Caprice indulge in their sweet side with a festive yule log!

Credit Recipe/Photo: Layla Pujol 
The Yule Log is a classic Christmas dessert in Northern Europe! A favourite all rounder for the family.

Check out the full recipe here


Bibingka is a Filipino Coconut-Rice Cake which will leave you asking for more!

Check out the full recipe here 

We hope you enjoyed the Festive Feast Challenges this year with Caprice and Yan! Remember to follow us on Facebook for more fun videos all year round! 

Which dishes would you choose to make this year? Or if you have any yummy festive recipes you want to share with us we would love to hear them!

Happy Cooking! And Festive Wishes from Trtl, Caprice and Yan! 

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