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Without mentioning the obvious items to take like passports and tickets, there are some flying essentials you can take on a flight to help you enjoy the journey much more. Buying last minute products from the airport might work out sometimes, but you’ll tend to find that some of the flying essentials are overpriced or of a lower standard to take advantage of a panic buyer. Whether you’re looking for on flight entertainment or a better way to rest, here are 6 flying essential everyone should take away for a much better experience while flying!

Chewing Gum and Sweets!

Yes, having minty fresh breath might seem like an essential during a flight (especially for those sitting around you), but gum is a great way to help pop your ears too. Both chewing gum and sucking on hard sweets are traditionally known as the best ways to pop your ears, blocked ears from flying can become uncomfortable for some during a flight, so having some essential flying remedies ready will make your flight much more enjoyable.


A typical person may save buying a book until they arrive in the airport and buy a book based on a 30-second assessment of the front and back. The best thing to do is venture into your local bookstore (or online) and read a few pages of the book you like the look of. You’ll tend to find that if you read a few pages, you’ll be able to decide if the book is right for you, and you won’t be stuck on a long-haul flight staring at a bunch of films you’re not interested in.

Comfy Clothes

We all know of the ‘holiday mode” feeling, and dressing up for the airport and flight may seem like a great idea at home, but when you’re on a 6-hour flight skinny jeans won't be the brightest idea. Taking some joggers and a warm jumper on the flight will help with you have a much more comfortable experience.


It’s a reasonably obvious device to take as they are pretty much designed for entertainment during any journey. It’s one of the most important flying essentials for anyone who owns a tablet, and the key is to prepare it for your trip. Download some new games, add some new TV shows or buy a new eBook, it’s a common occurrence for travellers to attempt to get their tablet ready in the airport, where they soon find out the Wi-Fi isn’t the best!


As technology has advanced so great over the past few years, we still tend to struggle with battery life. Having a power bank is a flying essential as it assures you that your phone will have a charge when you arrive at your destination. It can be tempting to drain the battery on your phone while on a flight, so using a power bank so you can access your holiday information might help with your flight and when you land.

All of our flying essentials are to help your flight become more entertaining and comfortable. There might be some other items you need to take away for a better experience, so be sure to check them all off before going to the airport.

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