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The meal received with a flight isn’t the most exciting feature of your journey, and in the UK, even the best airline meals tend to be pretty dull. But around the world, some airlines strive to give their passengers the full experience with the best airline meals available, here’s a look at some of the best airlines to fly with if you want to try exciting cuisine options.

1. Thai Airways

An award-winning airline that offers terrific economy class meals, inspired by their homeland, Thai Airways also offer dishes from around the world to cater to everyone. There is more than one reason that they make the best airline meals list, Thai Airways will often source their produce from local Thai farmers to support their livelihoods, and there is consistently a choice of main meals for passengers to choose from.

2. Turkish Airlines

On the shorter flights, passengers will receive sandwiches, olives and desserts which might not be adventurous, but they are made with extra care, and the quality can be tasted. But Turkish Airlines are one of the best airline meals because of its long-haul flight options. Customers will be presented with a variety of options to try from around the world and dishes are made with seasoned, fresh ingredients for a homely finish.

3. Asiana Airlines

This airline offers a variety of Korean speciality dishes that are the opposite of bland. Passengers from around the world have all said that this airline offers some of the best airline meals and their vegetable or smoked pork wraps combined with an assortment of nuts and sauces make for an authentically perfect meal. The airline is also known for great choices in beverages to cater for every type of taste.

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4. Qatar Airways

This airline takes pride in its presentation just as much as taste. Qatar Airways offers tasty, eco-friendly food, which is served in 99% recyclable trays, mugs and boxes. Qatar usually provides three options for the main course, one being light and the other two more filling, which is matched with tasty salads and regional dips to give every passenger the variety they seek in a restaurant.

5. Japan Airlines

The Airline goes above and beyond which it comes to their in-flight menu. The economy class meals have been dreamt up by young chefs from Japans largest culinary competition, RED U-35. The airline also collaborates with some of the most popular eateries around Japan to keep their menu current, and it’s changed regularly. With the likes of sautéed mushroom soup and Hamburg steak on the menu, it’s unlikely that passenger will need more variety, but in case they get peckish, there’s also a self-service snack corner on-flight.

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