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Interrailing? If you want to travel to as many European countries as possible in a relatively short time frame without breaking the bank, then Interrailing is for you!

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to visit up to 30 different countries using just 1 Interrail or Eurail pass?

If you’re from Europe, you’ll want to buy the Interrail pass. If you’re not from Europe, you’ll want to buy the Eurail Pass.

Be sure to check out the full Interrail map!

1. Plan, plan, PLAN!

The key to getting the absolute most out of any adventure is planning in advance. This gets you super-excited for your big trip as well.

You’ll need to decide on what countries you might want to travel to. Now it’s time to decide on what pass you’ll need based on how many countries you want to see.

The options are the One Country Pass, the Regional Pass (2 countries), Select Pass (4 countries) or the Global Pass which means you’d be able to visit between 5 to 30 of the featured countries!

2. Learn your key phrases

Once you’ve mapped out which countries you’ll be visiting it’s time to learn the local lingo. Don’t worry if languages aren’t your thing, you’ll just need to know the key words and phrases that will get you by whilst you’re there. Plus the locals will appreciate it! You might even make some buddies along the way with your new language skills!

You can always take a phrase-book if you’re struggling to remember.

3. Forget slumming it in hostels, it's all about Airbnb

Gone are the days of having to share a hostel room with complete strangers. With apps like Airbnb it’s easy, simple and cheap to sleep in style all over Europe.

Airbnb also offer ‘Experiences’ which means you can pick and book activities to do during your trip. There’s a huge range of activities so it’s definitely worth checking out!

4. Don't be afraid to go off the beaten track

Interrailing offers routes across some of the most beautiful parts of Europe, but you may have to venture a little further to find some hidden gems. If you like epic scenery, The Lofoten Islands in Norway aren’t to be missed! To get there, you’ll need to take a ferry from Bodo rail station. Here’s how you can book it. They usually recommend booking tickets at least 7 days in advance.

5. Make the most of every opportunity to take in your surroundings

It may be tempting to get the overnight train to save on accommodation costs and to make the most of your daytime during each leg of your tour, but the sights on many routes are simply breath-taking. Spend a little more, to see more. 

Bonus tip! It’s definitely worth asking the train staff which side of the train will have the best views before you depart.

6. Only take the essentials

You may be travelling to 10 or more countries so only take what you need for a comfortable trip. You’ll be travelling A LOT so remember your trusty Trtl Pillow. If you haven’t got one yet, you can pick yours up here

We’d love to hear your best Interrailing tips as well as any great stories you have from Interrailing!

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