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BYRON Bay sits on the coast of South West Australia, so it’s no surprise that the town is peppered with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Because of this, Byron Bay enjoys a reputation for being laid back and attracting hoards of surfers. Here, we’ve listed 4 things you need to know before you visit.

Byron Bay Beach

It’s grown in popularity in recent years

Byron Bay is a relatively small town, with 34,000 residents who call it home. Yet, it has grown exponentially over the past five years to become the most expensive place to live in Australia. Professional couples have flocked to the town and as a result, property has become scarce and driven prices up.

It’s become a hive of activity for tourists and businessmen alike, attracting visitors from Australia and all over the world who are keen to experience the Byron way of life. With 9 beaches and plenty of surfing, stunning sunsets over the South Pacific Ocean and a beautiful hinterland containing rainforests, villages and green valleys begging to be explored, we can understand why the town has grown so popular.

Thor God of Thunder

Thor lives there

One of the reasons for the increase in popularity of Byron Bay is Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Chris calls the town his ‘home away from home’ and is in the process of building himself and his family a $9 million mansion in the coastal town. Marvel-lous!

Bare feet on the beach

Shoes are optional

Good news for your suitcase if you’re planning on taking a vacay to Byron Bay; around 50% of people in the town don’t wear shoes. It’s all part of the laid back way of living there. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with this, you can still wear your favourite flip flops or sandals. 

Brown Tree Snakes are Popular in Byron Bay

Snakes are common

You might be interested to know that tree snakes are very common in this area of Australia. The good news? Brown tree snakes don’t pose any threats to humans.

Byron Bay really is a beautiful location and is well connected to main travel routes. Have you been? Let Trtl know all about it via our social channels!

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