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6 Insanely Good Packing Hacks For Thanksgiving Travel

Heading home this Thanksgiving? Check out our 6 insanely good packing hacks for stress-free travel. 

Roll your clothes

It might look super neat to see all of your clothes neatly folded in your suitcase, but by rolling your clothes you not only create more space, but also prevent creasing. Meaning no need to pack an iron or hunting for one on your vacation. Rolling clothes means you can also easily see what you’ve packed - no pulling everything out of your luggage to find that thing you need at the bottom of the case!

Don’t overpack

Overpacking is SO easy to do. You worry you will run out of clean clothes and pack 12 t-shirts, when in reality you only need 4. Take what you need and nothing more. One outfit per day.

Utilise ALL the space in your case

Dead space is the enemy of packing luggage. Prevent it by putting socks in your shoes, installing an e-book app on your phone instead of taking bulky books and take travel size toiletries to save precious space.

Keep medication on you

Keep any vital medication in your purse or bag, and not your carry-on, as you might need to check it in at the gate.

Reusable water bottle

Take a reusable water bottle with you. It’s ok to take it on board with you as long as it’s empty. You can fill it at water filling stations or restaurants in the airport and do your bit for the environment by not needing to buy multiple plastic bottles.

Use Packing Pods

Trtl’s brand new Packing Pods help you to stay organized as you travel. By rolling your clothes into the Pods, you’ll get more in and be able to see what you’ve packed. They prevent overpacking and fit in almost ANY suitcase or bag. The Packing Pods can be hung from almost anywhere, meaning you never need to unpack on vacation again. Simply hang the Pods up and easily access your luggage. The small Pod is perfect for toiletries and can be hung from the towel rail in the bathroom, giving you easy access in and out of the shower. The Pods can also be used as a day bag, saving you packing a separate bag into you luggage. Genius!

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30% OFF Trtl Packing Pods (code: PACK30)

Over 6000 five star reviews

30% OFF Trtl Packing Pods (code: PACK30)

Over 6000 five star reviews