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Everybody loves investing in a new gadget, whether it be for a bit of fun or something extremely handy. Whether it’s for your own holiday or a gift for someone else, these gadgets will make your experience all the more exciting!

UE Bluetooth Speaker

This compact, portable bluetooth speaker which has a 66ft connection and 15 hours playtime is the perfect travel buddy. It is lightweight and can charge via USB. It is also waterproof so could be with you in the pool or the sea to make sure the party never stops! Perfect for any spontaneous adventure, this tough and resilient speaker won’t let you down.

Sandless Beach Mat

Calling all beach lovers! As beautiful as beaches are, it is inevitable that by the time we leave we will be covered in sand, as will our towels. So this revolutionary new beach accessory is going to be something life changing. The C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat is impossible to cover with sand. It has been used in the military, but has now made its way onto the consumer market for us all to enjoy. Perhaps this summer you can enjoy a beach picnic without having to worry about the food being full of sand…

Wacaco Minipresso

You will never have to miss out on your morning coffee again with this new gadget. This Minipresso is compact and lightweight, but makes powerful coffee. 

Water Purifying Bottle

For many travellers, any health issues that are experienced whilst abroad can be put down to drinking contaminated water. So, to avoid this, you need some sort of water purification system whilst abroad. Of course this isn’t necessary in every country, but be sure to check before heading to the airport. The locations most likely to be problematic are the Middle East, America, Africa or Asia, so make it a priority to do your research if you are visiting one of these locations. Fear not, as GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier is capable of turning almost any clear natural water source into drinking water in just 15 seconds. It provides protection against all sorts of dangerous viruses and bacteria in water, so you will feel safe drinking water on the go. 

Foot Warmers

It’s unlikely that you’ll need this one if you’re going on a beach holiday, but for those of you heading for a ski resort, these ThermaCELL Heated Insoles will take your comfort to the next level, keeping them warm and dry thanks to the water-resistant fabric lining. 

Portable Cocktail Kit

Now this one might not be an essential but will certainly come in handy. This Carry On Cocktail Kit is equipped with everything you need to craft cocktails in style. Whether you’re a fan of Gin, Bloody Mary’s or Moscow Mule’s, you will have supplies for a tipple or two in an emergency!

World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

You’ve packed your favourite shirt ready to wear on your long awaited holiday, only to discover you don’t have access to an iron. For those who have experienced this, you know it certainly isn’t pleasant, but your prayers have been answered with this new gadget which will offer you three fabric heating levels. It is the size of a computer mouse, but it is sure to do the job! This is perfect for holidays or travelling for business. At around £20, it won’t break the bank either. 

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