7 of the Most Beautiful Forests in the World


When we think of a holiday abroad, often we picture golden sands and crystal clear waters. But not every getaway needs to be a beach holiday. If you’re ever in the mood to go on an adventure, a trip to one of these incredible forests would be a good place to start. Here are 7 of the most beautiful forests in the world:


The Most Beautiful Forests in the World

Mossy Forest, Malaysia

Malaysia is home to some impressive landscapes, but perhaps none more awe-inspiring than Mossy Forest in the Cameron Highlands. This spongy green forest is a sight to be admired. The inviting delicate orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants help to create a stunning scene. Visitors can walk through the crowded hill station towns and green tea fields before making their way to the mysterious misty mountaintops of Malaysia.


Daintree Forest, Australia

Daintree Forest is located on the north east coast of Australia. It’s known to be one of the oldest rainforests in the world and could have existed for the past 110 million years. If you ever get a chance to visit this miraculous place, keep an eye for the elusive cassowary – the cousin of the emu. A sighting of the cassowary is so rare that locals even buy a lottery ticket if they see one!


Amazon Rainforest, South America

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to one of the most famous forests on earth – the Amazon rainforest. The largest forest in the world is spread across a whopping 8 countries and 1.4 billion acres – giving you plenty of chances to get exploring! It’s best accessed from Peru, where you can begin a tour on the river guided by one of the experienced locals. You may also get the chance to spot some pink dolphins, jaguars and toucans.

Great Otway National Park, Australia

For a truly magical escape from your everyday life, take yourself off to the Great Otway National Park in Victoria, Australia. You can begin your adventure on the Great Ocean Road, making your way deeper into the rainforest to see huge tree ferns and noisy kookaburras. If you love swimming, you can also treat yourself to a dip in the Henderson and Erskine falls.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan

Japan is known for its beautiful bamboo forests, one of the most popular being the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. It’s actually very easy to reach thanks to Japan’s great transport links, just hop on Kyoto’s public buses or a train. There’s only one trail straight through the bamboo, so there’s no chance of losing your way!


Sian Ka’an Coastal Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Mexico is perhaps one of the most unlikely places you’d aspect to see a beautiful rainforest. However, it’s home to one of the most beautiful forests in the world. This spectacular reserve features lush greenery and crystal clear canal waters. Be sure to look out for crocs, dolphins and sea turtles.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

This forest gets its name from the nearby town of Monteverde. Spanning across an impressive 26,000 acres, this reserve sits in Costa Rica’s iconic cloud forests. Nature lovers will be in there element here as there are other 2,500 plant species to discover. Not to mention the 100 species of mammals, 120 reptiles and amphibian species and some 400 species of birds.


So, which of the most beautiful forests in the world will you head to on your next adventure? Wherever you go, be sure to travel in comfort with a trtl travel pillow. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.