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Check out Trtl's top tips to take your best ever selfies on your next adventure. 

If you love a good selfie, you’re in great company. Here at team Trtl, we love sharing photos from our travels, and it's great to look back on your selfies and remember the best parts from your trip. And it turns out that the popularity of selfies has been scientifically proven. A recent project by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs found that if you feature your face in your next Instagram, you’re actually 38 percent more likely to receive likes, than if your photo has no faces in it!

Armed with that knowledge, and since it’s also National Selfie Day, we wanted to help you put your best face forward in your next Instagram. We thought we could take some tips from the people on Instagram with the most liked selfies of 2018.

However, if you’re not Kylie Jenner, Beyonce or Cristaino Ronaldo you might not be feeling too inspired by the snaps above. (Especially as none of them are technically selfies). 

If you don’t have a team to set up your perfect selfie, a cute baby to announce or a historic football achievement to celebrate, don’t fear. If you still want to get some awesome travel snaps, we can help. Keep reading for our top 5 tips to take the ultimate travel selfies and enjoy National Selfie Day in true selfie style!


1. Frame your selfie right.

If you’re heading out to take some awesome snaps for Instagram, don’t forget to frame up your selfie with that in mind. Remember that even if you post a rectangular image – it will be cropped to a square format when others view it on your feed. Don't risk an unflattering crop, in this instance it’s definitely hip to be square.

 Smartphone in camera mode selfie day

2. Don’t fear the selfie stick

If hiring a professional photographer isn't in the budget for your next trip, (us neither) we recommend picking up a selfie stick.We love this one from Anker.

Whilst you may be subjected to a little bit of attention when you crack out your selfie stick in public, they really are the best accessory for taking awesome photos on your smartphone. Using a selfie stick gives you access to a great range of angles that your arm just can’t reach. They are the best option for large group selfies, and the extended range means you can show off more of your awesome travel location in the background as well! 

(Just make sure you keep an eye out for your fellow travellers whilst using, nobody wants to take a selfie stick to the face.)

3. Use the rule of thirds. 

If you’ve ever felt like your selfies don’t look as professional as you’d like them to be, try using the rule of thirds. This is a technique many photographers swear by for creating awesome images – just line your shot up with the focal point (you!) taking up a third of the image. Many smartphone camera apps have grid features which can help you line up the ultimate selfie. This method is also great for ensuring that you feature lots of your beautiful surroundings by ensuring they take up two thirds of every picture.


4. Always look your best. 

Traveling can definitely take it out of you, so if you don’t want under eye circles to be the main focus of your selfie we recommend taking every opportunity you can to nap so you’re looking bright eyed and bushy tailed in all your holiday snaps. Keeping hydrated can also make a massive difference to your skin and keeps you looking and feeling fresh all day!


5. If in doubt, don’t pout!

Although lots of the pictures on Instagram do feature some seriously pouty lips, we think a smile is always the best option. Studies have shown that smiling can make you feel happier, and that it spreads to the people around you too (a bit like yawning).So crack out that cheesy grin for your next ‘gram, your followers will thank you (even if they don’t realise it).

We hope those tips help you take your best ever selfies on your next trip! 

Don’t forget to tag your Trtl selfies on instagram @trtl using #trtlnap to get featured, and Happy National Selfie Day!


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