Bike Friendly Cities to Visit for a Weekend Away


With proliferating urbanisation, our cities need more contemporary mobility solutions, and cycling proves that it can offer results. It is also gives you the chance to get a closer look at what’s around you, and the ability to stop at any point to see something that grabs your attention. Generally inexpensive and beautiful, cycling in these 6 cities beats any other mode of transport.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is laid out brilliantly for cyclists and they often have right of way over cars. For those that are visiting, there are many cheap bike rental ports across the city for a casual ride, and there are also great schemes for those that take cycling seriously. There is an abundance of bikes available to rent to tourists, and Copenhagen’s compact dimensions and tolerant traffic make it perfect to explore by bike.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Even if you only pedal round for a few hours, riding a bike is an essential Amsterdam experience. Renting a bike or taking a guided cycle tour is a great way to discover the beautiful city and can be an exciting adventure. The increasing popularity of cycling in Amsterdam is indisputably aided by the fact that Amsterdam is flat, compact and densely populated and the climate is mostly moderate.  


Berlin, Germany

Germany has made increasing efforts when it comes to boosting bike usage in many of its big cities and Berlin is one of the best examples. Streets in Berlin are often wide and the terrain is largely flat. Berlin offers a range of bike tours, so that visitors can focus on what interests them. Berlin on Bike’s fun tours are suitable for all ages, meaning the whole family can take part. If you plan on a long bike excursion that may require stopping off in a hostel during the night, don’t forget to pack one of our travel pillows in your rucksack as this may come in handy.


London, England

London’s new public bike loan plan has transformed doubtfulness into safe cycling reality. With around 700 docking stations and more than 10,000 bikes available, picking up your two wheel ride is as easy as touching the screen and following the instruction - and the first half an hour of your ride is free. What better way to enjoy your weekend in London than exploring the Saturday markets and quirky areas, parks and gardens on a bike?


Bordeaux, France

This picturesque city is becoming increasingly popular with cyclists. The growing profile of their trusted bike scheme is doing a successful job of drawing in tourists, as well as providing local citizens with a green alternative to their daily commute. In this beautiful city, bikes are available to rent for only a few Euros a week so it is quickly becoming the cheapest and greenest method of transport.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an extremely beautiful city full of historical sites to explore. What better way to get from the Old Town Square to the King Charles Bridge than by a leisurely bike ride through the traditional streets. Czechs are very keen riders and there are thousands of km of well signed cycling paths around the country so you shouldn’t have any issues with your whereabouts.