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Hong Kong is a city that has something for everyone, known as one of the most populated cities and a business hu,b Hong Kong is a city worth visiting. Commonly, people tend to visit hong kong for a few days while travelling to somewhere further away, almost like a pitstop. So if you only have a short period in this fantastic city here's a guide on Hong Kong Tourist attractions you need to visit.


View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Victoria Peak

Located in the western point of Hong Kong, this tourist attraction is the number one place to go to for a complete view of the beautiful city. It recommended you visit both in the day and evening to truly see what the city is about. It’s the highest hill on Hong Kong Island at around 552m, and the peak offers a variety of shops and restaurants to browse through. To visit this Hong Kong tourist attraction, you’ll just need to buy a Sky Pass tram ticket which cost around HK$100.


View of the city Skyline, Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

This Hong Kong Tourist attraction is 1.6 km long, and it’s a leisurely stroll along the river. The Promenade starts at the Star Ferry of Tsim Sha Tsui in the west and finishes at the entrance of the submarine tunnel of Hung Hom. During your stroll, you'll be able to view ancient buildings, the Space Museum, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and finally the Avenue of Stars. The majority of these Hong Kong tourist attractions speak for themselves, but the Avenue of Stars is similar to Hollywood Walk of Fame where you’ll be able to see the handprints of iconic stars such as Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee.

When you visit the Promenade, you will see the most typical scene of Hong Kong wear the city will look familiar. The skyline of Hong Kong Island is lit up by the neon signs, and the Victoria Harbour glimmers from the bright evening lights.


Signs from the busy ladies market, Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

The Ladies Market

One of the best and likely the most famous spots in Hong Kong to pick up a bargain. The ladies market is the hub of the fashion scene in Hong Kong and this market attracts both locals and tourists. Located in Mongkok, the ladies market offers a variety of stores, street stalls and was once the headquarters of the notorious Triad gang, but it offers much more culture and entertainment since then, so no need to worry.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a marine-based theme park that consists of fun for every age. Ocean Park is the perfect Hong Kong tourist attraction to visit with a state of the art aquarium, roller coaster rides and entertainment shows throughout the day. Tickets cost between HK$350 to HK$450 which gives you access to the majority of entertainment around the park. There is also the option of going to Disneyland, which is also a fun day out, however, it is themed around children, and there is a lack of exciting rides for adults.    


Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong tourist attractions

Lantau Island Ngong Ping

To truly get a feel for the culture in Hong Kong, Ngong Ping is a highland in the western part of Lantau Island. To get there, a sky rail gives you an amazing view of the sea, island and some of the monastery you’re about to venture to. Once you’re on the island you can be to roam around the Po Lin monastery which offers beautiful buildings and ancient statues. The iconic feature of the Hong Kong tourist attraction is the Tian Tan Buddha, which stands at around 34m tall. It’s surrounded by forests, and the steps themselves that you need to climb to view the statue also offer history into the monuments beginnings.

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