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Booking a holiday is always an exciting time, but the stress levels do tend to creep up when booking affordable hotels and flights. Once you've decided which country you want to jet off to, you’ll need to figure out how to find the best hotel and flights which give you your ideal balance of luxury and affordability. But asking Google what the best prices are sadly isn’t always going to give you the right answer. Here are a few steps to take when booking your next getaway, and how you can find the best hotels for a luxury holiday you can afford.


How to Find the Best Hotels: 


Speak to a Travel Agent

9 times out of 10, browsing online will give you a better price on the best hotels in your chosen destination. However, if you can ignore the charm, visiting a travel agent to discuss the best prices can sometimes help you find an absolute bargain on a luxury hotel and holiday. You can always say no or tell them you need to think about it, but always be aware that a travel agent will tend to 'woo' you into booking with them on the day. So, have a budget in mind and make sure it all meets what you want before you take the plunge.



After speaking to a travel agent and finding a few of the best hotels in the country, looking for good reviews on a number of platforms is the next step to take. Sadly, as much as a website can talk about how good the hotel is, hearing it from different sources helps you know that you’ve made the right choice. Typing in the hotel name on social media and reading about people experiences is the best way to find unfiltered reviews about the hotel and you can get a real idea about the resort. When considering how to find the best hotels, reviews from recent visitors are always going to guide you to the luxury choices, along with good imagery and price.


Price Match

The best way to find the best price is to look at price comparison sites, but there are a few tips and tricks to consider. While searching online, you should browse prices in 'incognito' mode, reason being is that if you view a website several times, prices tend to fluctuate which can mean you end up paying more then you originally saw the holiday for. It’s not a good thing to experience but it's a naughty way for holiday companies to make a little extra from someone who has a proven interest in booking with the site.


Risk a Last-Minute Holiday

If you’re considering a spur of the moment holiday and want to do it in style, the best discount for luxury hotels come from booking days before your visit. It a risky technique to depend on if you want to plan your holiday properly and need to book time off work in advance. But it can really pay off as even the best hotel don’t want empty rooms.


Finally, The Obvious

Visit a country or hotel off season! Obviously, hotels reduce their prices during the off-season period and if you're looking for a little getaway and fancy trying the luxury experience, try it when the hotel is in a quiet period. You’ll still have fun and if you pick the right place there should still be plenty to do!


That's a few tips on how to find the best hotels, so get online, start researching the best destinations and don't forget your travel socks!


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