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In most parts of the world, it is advised to work from home where possible but unfortunately there are some who have no option but to return to work due to the nature of their job. We are also aware that there are many who are desperate to get back to the office to be amongst their colleagues again. It’s amazing how driven we are being around our team and also by having a routine. It’s important for our mental health and we completely understand if this is how you are feeling,  we can certainly relate.

Trtl’s aim is to help you feel prepared and safe when braving the busy commuting world, whether that is right now or in the near future when it’s confirmed safe enough to return to work. That is why we have introduced our latest Refresh and Protect range!


Trtl is here to help by making your commute safe and comfortable

Our latest creations are here to keep you safe while out and about. They provide optimum protection giving you peace of mind to get back to your daily routine.

What they are and what they do

The new Trtl Protect Mask is the world’s first adaptable and multifunctional face mask presenting you with 3 different modes to choose from depending on your location and surroundings. You have the scarf mode option for convenience and comfort, meaning you have it ready to pull it up into mode 2, the face covering (also known as the Shield mode) which is perfect for those who prefer a little breathing space. If you are someone who likes a fully covered mask then you have mode 3, the mask. The Trtl Protect Mask is ideal for busy people on the go ...those who likely leave their mask at home and realise when it’s too late!   Not only does the Protect Mask offer 3 different modes; it provides 3 layers of protection and includes a filter pouch. When you receive the product, you will find it comes with 3 standard PM2.5 filters which each have 5 layers including a carbon layer. This level of protection is perfect for those highly polluted areas, like a busy city centre! You can find more information on our Protect Mask here:  TrtlMask

Alongside the Trtl Protect Mask we have our Clean & Protect Travel Kit containing a 100ml 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (defends hands against 99.9% germs), a packet of 30 x 75% Alcohol Sanitiser Wipes and 5 x KN95 Grade Reusable Face Masks. If you commute via public transport, the Clean & Protect Travel Kit is perfect to carry with you to keep your hands germ free and for wiping down any surfaces before touching. It is also wise to keep a spare mask handy in case of any emergencies!

If you want to get your hands on your very own Clean & Protect Kit, you can check it out here - Clean & Protect Travel Kit – TrtlTravel

Are you ready to take back the busy world of commuting?

We would love to hear your thoughts. If you have already braved public transport, share your story/experience and any tips you might have to ensure a safe and calm commute. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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