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Brittain is a place that has plenty of cultures to explore, regardless of whether you are looking for an exciting city break or a historical exploration of a famous landmark. England is one of the most visited countries in the world, and though it might be small, it offers influence all around the world. If you’re planning a holiday, you’ll probably be looking for the best places in Britain to visit and although it would be hard to cover them all in one trip, here are some of the most popular choices to plan your trip around.


Stonehenge stones, one of the best places in Britain


Located in the south of England around 10 miles from Salisbury, Stonehenge is one of the countries most ancient landmarks. Known for being Europes most prehistoric monument, the stones seen here were placed around 3000-1500 BC, and the landmark has more than 250 ancient objects for you to learn about and view. It’s a very popular attraction to visit, so it’s always best to book tickets in advance because tourists are given an allotted time to explore the area.


Over of the Lake District, one of the best places in Britain

The Lake District National Park

One of the UK’s most prominent national parks, it’s a beautiful piece of the country every tourist should explore. When searching for the best places in Britain, the lake district is a national park that caters for all, with 12 lakes, and Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, this 900 square miles attraction is a great way to see the countryside element of Britain. As well as hiking and long walks, there are also boat excursions and kayaking available across multiple lakes and some wonderful towns and villages to visit.


View of Bath from above, one of the best places in Britain

The City of Bath

When it comes to the best places in Britain, cities like London and Manchester are usually at the top of the lists. However, there are other options to consider with the Georgian City of Bath, this remarkable smaller city has much more than a day’s worth of attractions to visit. The city is easily recognisable by its honey-coloured Georgian townhouses, and there are over 500 buildings that are of historical importance to the UK. One of the biggest reasons tourist flock to this quiet city is for the 2000-year old Roman baths, which were built over the city’s rejuvenating hot springs.  


View of the loch Ness, one of the best places in Britain


The famous lake is known for being the deepest lake in the UK and the home for a legendary monster. The lake isn't the only attraction to visit either, with the Urquhart Castle, various villages and the Loch Ness Exhibition being nearby, the Scottish lake has dozens of historical areas to discover all around it to make your trip even more worthwhile.


London bridge, one of the best places in Britain


Naturally, this is one of the best places in Britain to visit, being a cultural hub known all around the world. The city offers everything, historical landmarks such as the Tower of London, the Churchill War Rooms, Kensington Palace and the London Dungeon, none of these cultural landmarks ever disappoint.

If you also want to take in the view from one of the best places in Britain, you can also consider jumping on the “hop on hop off” bus tours were you can journey up the Shard and see the city in all of its greatness. There’s also the London Eye if you want to look at the city from another perspective.


Finally, to add a real fun element to your trip to London, there are some fantastic attractions to really engage you. The Warner Bros studio tour of Harry Potter is a place perfect for all ages and adds some extra magic to journey. SEA LIFE London is also a popular choice for those with an aquatic taste, with over 400 species to find, it’s a choice that could likely take up your full day. The final novelty that worth adding to your list is Madame Tussauds, where you can come face to face with perfectly designed wax celebrities and take as many pictures with them as you like.


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