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Looking for romantic honeymoon destinations isn’t the easiest of tasks. Finding somewhere with your ideal budget in mind isn't the only consideration as you’ll want a hotel, destination and activities that revolve around a newlywed couple. If you’re looking for a starting off point for some honeymoon inspiration, here’s a look at five destinations that you’ll love.


Romantic Honeymoon Destinations 


Active volcanoes, golden beaches and the greenest valleys on the planet make Hawaii a perfect honeymoon destination. You can expect locals to be super friendly and a natural positivity wondering all around the island, you’ll likely love this place so much you’ll want to stay. If you’re looking for more than just two weeks lying on the beach than Hawaii also offers hidden sea caves, underwater gardens and the aforementioned volcanoes to explore, Hawaii offers you everything apart from bad weather.



Thailand combines, luxury, adventure and affordability in the most ideal way possible. Modern honeymoons can often include a little bit of travel so you can see the world together, so if your plan is to head to Asia, Thailand is the best romantic honeymoon destination for most. This country can take you from the busy city life of Bangkok to the cultural beauties of Buddist temples. With once in a lifetime boat trips and cuisine to love every evening, if it doesn't make the cut for your honeymoon, you should be visiting this paradise in the next few years.


A place that is described to be the closest thing that compares to heaven. With turquoise water, sandy beaches and palm-strewn beaches this island a beauty spot in the middle of the Indian ocean. Mauritius is known as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations all around the world and it’s claimed this title due to its spectacular accommodation and service to treat each and every visitor like they are the only person in the world. When you’re looking for a day of adventure, Mauritius doesn't just offer beaches to lounge around on, with Black Gorges National Park to explore, you’ll find the majestic wildlife of this island.



The Caribbean is the perfect romantic honeymoon destination for every couple. With 7,000 individual islands to explore, of which less than ten per cent are inhabited, the Caribbean caters for those looking for a remote or lively trip. The popular choices include the bubbly adventures you can get up to in Jamaica, the cosmopolitan life found in the Caymans and the secluded hideaways of the Bahamas. If easy to travel between the islands too if you want to experience the best of the different islands.  


If you’re looking for something a little closer to home than Italy is one of the best places to pick from when thinking about your romantic honeymoon destinations. With plenty of cities to choose from, Italy offers some of the most spectacular places to visit while on your honeymoon. In less than a day you could be eating breakfast next to the Coliseum in Rome and riding a gondolier in Venice in the evening. Currently, a popular choice for newlyweds is to travel around the north of Italy and visit places including Milan, Florence, Piza and then venture to Venice and Rome to finish off their trip in luxury.

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