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Top 5 Packing Hacks To Maximize Your Space As You Travel


How many times have you taken more luggage than you really needed? Perhaps you ended up with surplus clothes in a heap on a hotel chair. Yet we all know by now that the best use of space when packing is more crucial than ever – especially knowing that going over your weight and size allowances will prove costly. With that in mind, and the fact that less luggage also helps the environment, here are 5 Top Packing Tips to prevent you from having to lug heavy suitcases wherever you go.



Our Top 5 Packing Hacks To Help You Maximize Space


Some of us might be surprised by how little we actually need to take on a trip compared to what we’ve in the habit of packing. Others struggle with making the most of space available. So let’s get minimal about our packing and be prepared to take advantage of these tips and products designed to help us on our next adventure.

1 – Roll Clothing Rather Than Fold


Most of us have heard that rolling clothing eliminates creasing, but did you know that it can also be a fantastic way to save space? Roll clothes tightly enough to eliminate excess air will allow you to fit them into a smaller area in your luggage, leaving more room for things like shoes and toiletries.


2 – Store Clothes Separately


How many times have you ruined your meticulous packing by rummaging through your suitcase for the one thing you can’t find like a travel adaptor or that one item of clothing you need for the first night of your vacation? Rolling your clothes into separate travel bags within your suitcase means that you won’t disturb your entire wardrobe of clothes to get to items you need. 


3. Be Clear About What You Really Need


Whether you’re heading off for a long weekend, a fortnight or longer, one way to be more efficient when packing is to work out what your itinerary is likely to be. That way you can plan specific outfits for specific occasions. Spending three days at the beach? Do you really need four different swimsuits? Surely that gorgeous evening dress can be worn more than once. So work out what outfits and items you just can’t do without and which are likely to remain in your suitcase until it’s time to come home. 


4. Take Miniature Bottles and Containers


Have a range of favorite toilets and scents. Buy the smallest versions available or save money by pouring your liquid shampoo or perfumes into smaller travel bottles so that you have enough to last the trip, thus reducing space and weight. Similarly, if you’re planning on taking foodstuffs — assuming these are allowed — ditch the giant box of cereal and pop just enough to last into a zip-lock bag.


5. Check The Weather Forecast – Pack Accordingly


The famous Scottish comedian Billy Connolly said there was no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Similarly, it should be obvious that checking the weather forecast as you pack will help you be more efficient in what you take to wear. Expecting two weeks of blazing sunshine? Leave the winter coat behind. Heading for the ski-slopes and the forecast is intermittent blizzards… ditch the flip flops.

Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to traveling light without sacrificing choice and comfort. Bon Voyage!


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