Travel Guide: Where In Italy To Visit


I think it's fair to say we all know someone who has visited one of Italy’s major cities or tourist hotspots. Of course, Rome, Florence, Milan, Pisa or Venice are all fantastic places to visit, but if you’re looking for something slightly further away from the cities for a relaxing holiday, then this guide is for you. Whether you’re looking to spend your holiday exploring cobbled streets, sampling limoncello, tasting wine or simply relaxing by the beautiful clear waters that Italy has to offer, you will not be disappointed if you visit one of these unforgettable holiday destinations. 


All of the Amalfi Coast is beautiful, and has been attracting visitors for hundreds of years due to its magnificent scenery and authentic atmosphere. Sorrento, renowned for its beauty and breathtaking sunsets, will offer you a holiday you will never forget. The coastal town which faces the bay of Naples consists of streets and streets of trinket shops, authentic restaurants, relaxing bars and limoncello shops. Aside from the historical core and authentic culture, the town features a range of high-pedigree hotels and apartments. While you’re visiting, take a day trip down the coast to experience the other quaint towns, or stop off at Pompeii, the ancient Roman city near Naples, to see some of the most significant evidence of Roman civilisation. 


This stunning Italian island is home to a 2000km coastline, unbelievable beaches and a mountainous background for those interested in hiking. With original restaurants, soothing bars and entertainment, if you are wanting to fully relax, Sardinia is the place for you. Spend your mornings exploring the town and the colourful landscape made up of quirky and interesting buildings. Visit the sunset bar Phi Beach to make the most of the stunning views. 


Home to some of the most classic and beautiful landscapes in Italy, Tuscany is famous for its vineyards, olives and stunning villas and farmhouses. It’s predominantly rural, so is the perfect getaway to completely relax and unwind. Taste truffles in San Miniato, explore the streets of San Gimignano or be a tourist in Pisa for the day. You can tailor this holiday in Tuscany so easily, making it your dream holiday up in the hills. 

Lake Como

This upscale resort area in Northern Italy consists of dramatic scenery, Italy’s third largest lake and stunning resort towns. Unlike some of the other lakes, Como is not a huge tourist destination, meaning you can experience the sheer beauty without much interruption. You have a choice of so many towns to explore, you can hire boats and stay in authentic hotels to make this a truly captivating trip. 


For a long, warm summer on one of Italy’s most beautiful islands, Sicily is the destination for you. Rich in art and architecture, if you want to dive into the Italian culture, you have plenty of options. For a slightly more laid back trip, you have an endless choice of dreamy beaches thanks to Sicily’s 1000km coastline. For any wine lovers, tasting plenty of the best wine Italy has to offer is a must. The perfect middle ground between a trip for explorers and a relaxing holiday destination, you will get the best of both worlds in Sicily.