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If you’re planning a road trip around the USA and are struggling to decide which cities to visit, there are some destinations you can't miss out on! Some of the cities to visit in the USA are fairly obvious but if you’re looking for some extra incentive for your trip here’s a look at 5 of the best cities in America.


Las Vegas Sign, Cities to Visit in USA

Las Vegas, Nevada

The majority of the USA this is also their holiday choice, the famous city located in the middle of a desert offers world-class casinos, luxury hotels and some of the biggest entertainers from all around the globe. It’s not a city to explore for its cultural background and history, however, if you’re looking for some fun during the trip, Las Vegas is sure to keep you entertained. It’s one of the more expensive choices to go to, but if you have a budget and limit yourself to a couple of days in Las Vegas, it might turn out to be your favourite location when visiting cities in the USA.


Golden Gate Bridge, Cities to Visit in USA

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is best known for the Golden Gate Bridge, a spectacular piece of architecture which originally opened in 1937 and still ranks in the top 10 longest bridges in the world. Once you have seen the bridge there are still plenty of destinations to visit in San Fran, Alcatraz Prison is just a ferry ride away and the city offers beautiful ocean views for evening strolls around the city. The San Francisco is also home one of the largest China Towns in the world, and the city is always bubbling with life.



The White House, Washington

Washington, D.C

Of all the cities to visit in the USA, Washington packs the most history which is naturally accompanied by museums and monuments. Washington is also friendly to those on a budget, with enough free tourist attractions to visit to keep you busy for weeks, the history behind this city is spectacular. If you plan on visiting during the spring, millions of visits also head to Washington to see the cherry blossoms bloom.


Miami, Florida

Miami offers multiple cultures that make everyone feel at home, it’s a city with a busy nightlife, gourmet restaurants and it’s all topped off with white sandy beaches. Miami is a sun-kissed city that will feel more like a beach holiday rather than a city break, and the seaside experience in Miami is like no other.


Hollywood sign, Cities to Visit in USA

Los Angeles

LA needs to be at the top of everyone lists, the palm tree avenues along the beach offer every visitor a dreamlike experience, and the city is a complete adventure. For any film fans, seeing the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame and the movie studios are a must see, and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll walk away impressed. LA can be a pricey location to venture around, however, there are plenty of different areas for different budgets to stay and eat at.

All these cities to visit in the USA are perfect destinations to travel around it all varies on what you intend to see. Some are better for lively fun, and others offer more cultural and a relaxed feel for those looking for a quiet break.

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