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Nicola McKenzie

Remote working has been on the uptick for a while, but 2020 has seen numbers soar. We’re reshaping the way the world works, and spoiler… it’s from home. So how do you separate work from play when the commute’s a goner, your favourite lunch spot has been replaced by beans on toast and you’re housebound all day? Enter the workcation.

A trend amongst US workers for a few years, the workcation was described by the Wall Street Journal as ‘time away from the office that includes a few days working from an exotic locale’. This could be a tropical trip to Mexico or a cosy Cotswolds spa break; the idea is to give yourself a change of scenery and a mental rest from the monotony of work without wasting any precious vacation days. It’s ideal if you can position the jaunt so it spans a weekend, giving you time to explore with the family when you’re not on call, but if you can’t, no matter. Answering emails in the sand or preparing reports poolside is enough.

Here are our top 4 tips for workcation trips:

1. Check your destination has Wi-Fi + phone signal 📶

Swimming with dolphins and soaking up rays is all very well, but if you can’t actually complete your work, your workcation might end up causing you more stress than less. Shelve the middle-of-nowhere trips for your real vacation and head somewhere well connected this time.

2. Pre-book childcare 👪

If the kids are coming, make sure they’re catered for before you get there. Creative clubs and adventure days for the tweens and teens, and an onsite nursery for the little ones will put your mind at ease until evening when you can take over.

3. Factor in time difference 🕑

It’s best if you can keep time differences to a minimum. That way, you can overlap your office time with your colleagues, or even work your normal hours.

4. Set clear boundaries with your boss 👔

Tell them when you’ll be available so you avoid calls in the middle of dinner or a flurry of emails before you’ve woken up. If you work in an environment that benefits from face-to-face contact, schedule a Zoom call every morning so you can catch each other up on your plans for the day.

Once you’ve nailed down the particulars, the fun of the workcation can begin! There’s always a catch, though: the growing number of people taking workcations directly correlates with a dip in workers claiming actual holiday. You don’t need Trtl to tell you, but we will… time away from your desk is important (even if your desk is on a beach for a few days). Take a true vacation, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to turn long haul luxurious. We’re talking comfy pillows for the journey — for parents and children — plus luxurious in-flight treatments, cosy blankets and sleep masks, too. You’ll arrive rested and ready to make holiday memories. Out of office: on.


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