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In the heights of ski season, it can be difficult to pin down a country to visit for the slopes and the majority of ski resorts have their individual benefits for different types of skiers. Price, a family friendly environment and the types of slopes available can all play a major part in your decision and to help narrow it down here are some of the best ski holidays available this year.



For most European skiers, The French Alps are a favourite for most reasons. The slopes are family friendly but also caters for skier wanting a challenge, the resorts cater for all different budgets and each offers a energising atmosphere to keep your adrenaline up throughout the trip. France offers its best snow during the European winter and you can usually find reasonable flights during this time too.



Canada tends to top most lists when it comes to ski accommodation, and combine with the exceptional views and trails, Canada is a top choice for an avid skier. With a wide range of mountains to ski down and beautiful forests to trail through Canada is likely to be for those with a bigger budget, but worth it for the unique location which makes it one of the best ski holidays.



For several years, Bulgaria has been labelled as the best ski holidays in the world for those on a budget, and with good reason. The country has been contributing millions to its tourism and skiing without altering their price range for ski holidays. The resorts are excellent, equipment is fairly priced and there isn't much a skier could complain about in this affordable option.


The Small country between Spain and France offers a perfect haven for beginners. Know for its ski schools for beginners, Andorra offers a wide variety of slopes in the heart of the Pyrenees and offers the latest technology with its ski lifts and equipment. What also makes it a great location for beginners is it isn't as busy as the Alps which tends to make beginners feel much more confident.


Switzerland has been one of the most exciting alpine countries for many years which is down to its variety of terrains that skiers can challenge themselves with. Most of their ski resorts are close to picturesque towns and lakes to explore. For a real challenge, the Matterhorn is its most famous mountains to attempt.



An uncommon contender for the best ski trips as the country lacks mountains. However its cold weather and cross country skiing opportunities are amazing, and it makes it a great choice for first-time family skiers. Being an uncommon choice also makes it well priced when coming into the peak of ski season.

There’s a full variety to go into further research with, prices and availability continuously change and country tends to go on trend for a couple year at a time when it comes to skiing, so it might be worth trying somewhere alternative if it’s your first time.

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