Anyone who travels knows that falling asleep on flights can prove challenging. For years, travelers have struggled to find the most comfortable sleeping conditions. This includes using traditional U- or C-shaped travel pillows made of various fillings, but what travel pillow is the best?

What Qualities Make a Great Travel Pillow?

Frequent and career travelers recommend several qualities to look out for when choosing your favorite travel pillows:

  • Material - The material should be soft, sturdy and easy to keep clean.
  • Level of support - Reliable head and neck support is necessary. You should choose a support that has proven results.
  • Portability - A comfortable travel pillow should be easy to carry around.

The Trtl Travel Pillow and Trtl Travel Pillow Plus offer an industry-leading solution for support, portability and design. 


What Makes the Trtl Pillow Different?

The Trtl Pillow has a unique design like a sleeve rather than a conventional travel pillow. It can be shifted to support the head on either side or in the middle. Its flexible design can fit people of many sizes, making it easier to find a comfortable position for almost anyone.

With flexible support, this pillow places the head and neck in an ergonomic position, assuring a restful sleep no matter where you are. The cushion is made of soft, breathable hypoallergenic fleece and foam. It's both durable and machine washable. The Trtl Pillow also weighs about eight ounces, which means it is easy to pack or carry. It also comes in four colors.

There are many types and styles of travel pillows to consider. You want the right comfort at just the right price. And it would be nice to find scientifically proven comfort outside the ordinary. If those are your priorities, the Trtl Pillow is just what you have been looking for.

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