Compression socks can provide tremendous benefits to people who travel or find themselves sitting for long periods of time. The consistent, gradual pressure applied by Trtl Flight Socks helps blood in the lower extremities flow better. They can prevent tired and achy legs and swollen feet following your flight. In addition, compression socks are recommended to help prevent the development of conditions like deep vein thrombosis.

Why Might Someone Need Compression Socks?

Sitting for long periods of time, as one might do while on long flights, can have some detrimental effects on the human body, especially if you're unable to stand or stretch your legs out every so often. The blood in your lower extremities can begin to pool down toward the feet, which can cause them to swell and become painful.

In addition, blood clots can develop, resulting in deep vein thrombosis. DVT can become life-threatening if the clot breaks up and moves toward the heart. The risks of these occurrences are usually relatively low for healthy individuals, but the risks can be higher for people who have had blood clots before, people who are pregnant, people taking certain medications, such as birth control, people who smoke, and others.

How Do Compression Socks Increase Blood Flow?

Compression socks help to keep blood from pooling in the feet with graduated pressure. Toward the ankle, compression socks are tighter, and they get progressively looser as they move up the leg. This helps to encourage blood to flow back upwards. This reduces the swelling that some people experience on flights or after sitting for long periods of time.

What Does Increased Blood Flow Help With?

Because compression socks help blood to flow more freely, they prevent swelling and thus help to reduce the pain that comes with it. People can then walk comfortably after getting off their long flights. In addition, they can also reduce the risk of blood clots such as those experienced with DVT. Overall, they assist with reducing pain and increasing overall comfort.

Trtl Flight Socks are the perfect pair of socks to take with you when traveling, and they come in fashionable designs, too. Cushioning in the toes, heels, and soles add extra comfort when you need to stand or walk around for long periods of time. Maintain blood flow on your flight, stay cozy and fight off swelling and foot pain for your business trip or vacation.

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