With a little bit of pre-flight planning, you can enjoy comfortable air travel. Compression socks are reassuringly effective for passengers. When you wear them, your lower extremities are less likely to ache or swell.

Travel Flight Socks Prevent Swelling

When you take long flights, you often end up sitting in the same position for hours on end without much room to stretch or stand up. This can cause problems with blood circulation that you might not expect. Blood can pool in your lower extremities and cause your feet and ankles to swell, and this can make it painful to walk once you've landed. Compression socks help keep blood from pooling near your feet.

Compression socks are graduated, meaning they are tighter at the ankle and progressively get looser toward the knee. This encourages blood to flow upward, toward the heart. This can reduce the likelihood that your feet swell on long flights, leaving you ready to move around once you land.

Prevent More Serious Problems

Aside from preventing swollen feet, compression socks can also help reduce your risk of more serious issues. One of these issues is Deep Vein Thrombosis, or blood clots that form in the veins, typically in the lower extremities. DVT can cause even more problems if parts of the clot break off and reach the heart and can result in pulmonary embolisms. People who have a higher risk of developing DVT on long flights include those who are pregnant, who are on certain medications, or who have various disorders. Because compressions socks encourage blood flow, they can help reduce the risk of DVT.


Increase Comfort

In addition to the benefits of increased blood flow, compression socks can also provide a little extra comfort on long flights. People who have varicose veins, for example, may experience pain while traveling, and compression socks can help reduce this pain. Trtl Flight Socks also provide extra cushioning in the heel, toe, and sole, so you have some extra support while up and walking around.

With compression socks from Trtl, you can worry less about your health and comfort and focus more on your trip. You can even choose compression socks in a variety of colors and styles to match your travel attire whether you're headed out for a business trip or for rest and relaxation.