Compression socks make a great investment for frequent travelers. These helpful travel accessories provide many benefits, such as: 

  • Lowering your risks of blood clots during travel
  • Keeping your legs from swelling during flights
  • Providing you with a comfortable base while standing
  • Helping keep your feet and legs cool

Many people need a minute or two to figure out compression socks the first time they wear them. Follow these steps to easily put on compression socks during your next big trip.

Sit Down and Turn the Sock Inside Out

To make the process as easy as possible, start by sitting down. Expect to take a few minutes to get the process right instead of trying to rush. If you notice that your skin feels too damp or dry, consider using powder.

A little cornstarch or talcum makes socks slide on a bit smoother. After you are ready, it is time to prepare the sock. Avoid trying to bunch up the sock to shove your foot in like you normally would with other socks. Instead, turn the sock inside out before sliding your foot in.

Slowly Work the Flight Sock Up Your Leg

When it's time to put the sock on, start by placing it on your toe while inside out. Then, carefully pull the right side out as you slide the sock over your whole foot. Slowly go over the arch of the foot and heel while trying to keep everything straight. Then, smooth the sock up over your ankle until it's completely rolled onto the leg. It may be helpful to hold the Trtl flight sock in place at the ankle while you work it up on the calf.

Adjust the Fit of Your Flight Sock 

After you get the compression socks on, there are a few things you can do to make them fit perfectly. Make sure there are no folds at the top of the sock. If the sock is twisted, you may need to put it on again to prevent bunching. You need your compression socks to be smooth if you want to avoid discomfort. If your socks are wrinkled after you put them on, do not yank on the top. Instead, start at the bottom and smooth each wrinkle upward.

By following these three easy steps, you can have your socks on in no time at all and travel in comfort.