Sometimes, when you have to sit down for hours at a time, it comes with consequences. Some people get swelling in their feet. Others just feel a little stiff. It’s a price we all gladly pay to go on exciting trips and enjoy seeing the world, but it’s not a price we really have to endure. You may have heard that compression socks can do a lot of good for your feet and legs when you’re sitting for a long trip. We’re going to explore that claim and see what's really happening when you wear compression socks.

Why Wear Compression Socks for Travel?

To put this as simply as possible, doctors and the medical community in general have acknowledged the health benefits of compression socks for many years. In fact, the concept was developed for medical procedures. There’s no question that they work. The better understanding comes from looking at how they work. Still, if you have any doubts, online sources and your own doctor may have some direct answers for you.

Why Are Compression Socks Necessary?

Compression socks help make travel more comfortable the same way they treat legitimate medical conditions. Basically, they squeeze your legs. This improves blood flow below the knees, which can mitigate swelling, prevent cramps and generally alleviate some of the stiffness you can get from sitting for a long period of time.

This is accomplished by helping the veins in your legs push blood back toward your heart more efficiently. It works like this: When you are sitting or standing, your heart and circulatory system have to overcome gravity to get blood from your feet back to the heart and lungs. Normally, walking and moving around aids this process, but when you’re still, the blood pools. This happens because gravity actually pulls the blood back down the veins in your leg in between heartbeats.

How Do the Travel Socks Help?

Your veins have valves to limit how much the blood backpedals, but when you squeeze the bottom of your legs with compression socks, it aids the valves in their job. The blood doesn’t fall back down quite as much, and it means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to keep a good, healthy blood flow. This enables your arteries to relax a little — they don’t have to constrict as much to help maintain blood pressure. This further improves the flow of blood, which leads to improved comfort on a long flight or road trip.

If you want to improve your comfort on a long trip, Trtl Flight Socks are a great way to make it happen. You’ll get to your destination feeling fresher, more relaxed and ready to make the most of your arrival.