Check Out Trtl’s Journey

There have been many exciting moments in Trtl since the evolution of the brand.

We can’t wait to continue building our Trtl community of travellers, go-getters and adventurers and are excited for you to join us on this crazy journey! Check out our timeline below to see our key highlights so far.

Trtl Accolades and Awards

  • Summit Awards - Rising Star of the Year, Michael Corrigan
  • Scottish Export Awards - Small Exporter of the Year 2018
  • Scottish Export Awards - E-commerce Exporter of the Year 2017
  • Enterprise Awards - Best Digital Winner 2014
  • Scottish Edge Fund - Young Edge Winner 2014
  • Shell Livewire - Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2014


2019 is looking to be an exciting one for Trtl. We are releasing new travel products this year as well as growing our team and releasing awesome giveaways! Watch this space for more... 


This has been a big year for Trtl so far! One of our co-founders David flew the nest onto new ventures. Since then Michael has been leading team Trtl as CEO, we have also grown our team to over 27 members now! So far this year we have launched two new travel products. Trtl Compression Socks and the Trtl Pillow Plus, which launched on Kickstarter in October.

In 2017 we showcased the Trtl Pillow at the Grammys in LA. John Travolta loved his Trtl Pillow, you can see more about this on our blog pages here. We also had another celebration as Trtl won the esteemed award of E-Commerce Exporter of the Year at the Scottish Export Awards.



This year was an exciting one for us as we featured at multiple celebrity events in the US. Trtl showcased at the Oscars and the MTV European Music Awards. Where celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Bruno Mars (and his hooligans) had a nap with the Trtl Pillow! Visit our blog pages to see more pics from these events!

We were also featured on the hit show Good Morning America and The View. Not long after we launched our first Summer Marketing Campaign 'Up for the Moment'! Filmed in Italy, London and Berlin. Featuring a jewellery designer, Red Bull Cliff Diver and Fashion entrepreneur and their moments that matter.

The Trtl Pillow also broke the internet after a mention on Huffington Post with a record amount of sales in under 48 hours! We're also featured on the popular BBC TV Show, Dragon's Den. We leave the Den without a Dragon joining the Trtl Team, but the future’s still bright for all those would-be nappers out there.



We launched our first product, the Trtl Pillow, with successful retail partner Amazon.

Trtl was founded by Michael Corrigan and David Kellock. After meeting in university and travelling around Europe as students they realised they could create a better solution for sleeping on the go. Over 80 prototypes later the Trtl Pillow was born.

2010 - 2013