If you're facing a long flight or a red-eye, you know how important it is to get some rest. Unfortunately, airline seats aren't exactly constructed to help you sleep well. So, you'll want to bring your own travel neck pillow along for the journey to make things easier. There are several different types of travel pillows available from pre-stuffed, U-shape pillows to inflatable options.
The innovative Trtl Travel Pillow weighs only half a pound and is half the size of a U-shaped pillow. Even more, it's designed for maximum packability.
Fitting a Travel Pillow in Your Backpack

You may be looking for options that are easy to fit in a backpack or a small carry-on suitcase. You also want them to help you sleep comfortably for hours at a time. The Trtl Pillow can be folded around the top loop on your backpack or the top of your luggage.
This can help you maximize your space. The internal support inside the pillow gives it some curvature, so you could also place it on top of your clothing items or in the corner of a carry-on bag.
Wearing a Travel Pillow in the Airport

You may want to save even more space in your carry-on by wearing your travel pillow around the airport. This is especially true when you arrive at the gate, where there is often limited space available.
Because the Trtl Pillow is designed to support your head while being worn like a turtleneck, you can easily slip the soft fleece around your neck. The strengthened ribs and foam support fit to the natural curve of your neck.
Unpacking a Travel Pillow

When you're settling in to your airplane seat, you want to get your essentials in place as quickly as possible. When the Trtl Travel Pillow is wrapped around the handle of your backpack or suitcase, it's easy to unwrap. You can follow the simple directions to rewrap the pillow around your neck and get ready to rest.

A travel pillow can enhance your flight experience and keep you well-rested for hours of sleep. It can be well worth it to make the needed space in your carry-on for it.

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