Currently, travel rules list a certain number of personal items you’re allowed to bring on a plane. Fortunately, items such as coats and travel pillows do not apply to that count.

This is great news if you need a travel pillow to get some sleep on a long flight.

Travel Pillows: Why Not Make Things Simple?

To avoid any delays, know the airline rules before you travel. Even the most organized travelers have discovered, once on the plane, that there's not room for their carry-on item - or there may be baggage charges at the gate.

Choose to fasten your neck pillow around the strap of your backpack. Buy a Trtl Pillow for great neck support and ease of travel.


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Travel Light and Rest Easy

The Trtl Pillow has been built by travelers for travelers. You can be sure that your new Trtl Pillow will clear security. It will also fold up small and fit easily into your purse, backpack or even a jacket pocket. This small, firm pillow configuration is built to give you terrific sleep while requiring very little storage space.

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Adjust Your Travel Pillow for the Best Fit

Your Trtl Pillow Plus offers height adjustment for even more flexibility. In addition, it comes with a water-resistant carry bag to avoid spills and messes. No matter what you face as you board, you can look forward to enjoying a great nap.

Don’t worry about where to cram your travel pillow. You can easily stash your Trtl Pillow beside your laptop or alongside your tablet. When you’re not using it, store it safely in front of you. When it’s time to nap, simply slip it on and adjust it to the best fit. Then, turn off your overhead light and get some shut-eye.

Comfortable, Breathable and Warm

Your Trtl Pillow is built to keep your neck warm without leaving you feeling overheated. Thanks to the super-soft fleece fabric against your skin, you can enjoy a cocooning warmth as you rest on your journey.

In addition, the breathable mesh used in the construction of your pillow will prevent you from getting too warm.

Now that you've been cleared for take-off, it's time to get out your comfortable, flexible Trtl Pillow.

Switch out your old horseshoe configuration, and bring in a custom-fitted travel pillow for even better support. Keep your neck warm, wrap a blanket around you and rest well all the way to landing!