Neck pillows are not only good for travel; they are essential. Rest well en route to your destination with a little help from the Trtl Pillow. It effectively supports your head and neck while upright. Bus, train, car and plane rides can be used to catch up on much-needed sleep when you're able to relax comfortably.

Traditional neck pillows can be challenging to position correctly and require additional support. The Trtl Pillow, on the other hand, is adjustable and comfortable wherever you sit. The upright design allows you to sleep for as long as eight hours.

You won't even have to lean on your travel mate or on the chilly window. Arrive refreshed and ready to take on that important business meeting or begin your holiday adventure.

How Is the Trtl Pillow Different From Other Travel Pillows?

The Trtl Pillow and Trtl Pillow Plus, a fully adjustable version, are designed to provide a better way to rest comfortably. It doesn’t matter which seat you're in or how full your flight is; your best sleep is guaranteed. Our innovative concept holds your head at an angle conducive to sleep while sitting up straight.

Place the support under your chin or on either side of your head, whichever feels best. Wrap the soft fleece cover around your neck and secure with the VELCRO tabs.

For casual support, wrap loosely. If more support is needed, just wrap the cover tightly. The Trtl Pillow folds into a small, lightweight pouch that can be stashed inside your carry-on. You can also clip it outside of your bag for easy access.

Have Trtl Pillows Been Scientifically Tested?

Yes! Independent tests were conducted by the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research at the University of Dundee. Tests included an upright sleeping posture using our innovative design. These tests reflected that the Trtl Pillow concept is great for keeping a traveler's head upright while sleeping. Nine of every 10 participants liked the comfort offered by our Trtl Pillow.

Is the Trtl Pillow Washable?

Trtl Pillows are fully washable. The inside plastic support is also removable. The hypoallergenic cover can be hand or machine washed on the cold setting. This is perfect for cleaning up any messes that might occur while you're on the go.

Traveling can be hectic. Use the time you spend flying, riding the train or traveling on the road to get some quality rest. Don't spend the first day catching up on the sleep you missed while traveling. Instead, be fresh and ready to enjoy your trip from the moment you arrive.

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