Before you begin your next journey with your Trtl Travel pillow consider the answers to questions relating to whether you can bring a pillow on a plane. The Trtl pillow is designed to be portable and easy to bring with you on a flight.  

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Why a Pillow Matters

Maximizing your comfort while flying increases your chances of getting a satisfying in-flight nap. Therefore, you might be wondering about the possibility of bringing a pillow along for your travels.

If you can take a pillow on the airplane with you, you'll be able to rest during the flight. This means you'll be refreshed and ready to go as soon as your plane lands. If you like that plan, it's a good idea to learn ahead of time whether you can bring a pillow with you.

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What Are the Rules About Pillows?

The most important thing to know is that you are most certainly allowed to take a pillow on a plane. For example, the United States Transportation Security Administration specifies that passengers are allowed to take pillows in their checked bags. The agency also says that passengers can bring pillows in their hand luggage.

However, specific rules regarding pillows may vary based on the airline with which you are flying. One particular airline may consider a travel-sized pillow to be your personal item. Another airline may not count the pillow as a separate item but lump it in with your wearable items instead.

Some airlines might make the determination based on the size of your pillow. For example, a particularly large pillow might need to count as your one piece of cabin baggage.

What Size of Pillows Are Best?

Since different airlines may enforce different rules about pillow size, consider sticking with a small pillow. You can't go wrong with a small pillow that can slip into your carry-on, backpack or purse during boarding.

For one thing, the flight crew won't think twice about a collapsible pillow that's stashed in with your other gear. In addition, bringing a small pillow will leave your hands free to carry your cabin bag and your personal item.

Therefore, your safest bet is probably to stick to a small travel pillow like the Trtl Travel Pillow. Once you're on the plane, you can pull out the pillow and settle in for a comfortable flight.

You can definitely bring your pillow with you the next time that you travel. In fact, we think that a pillow is always a good idea anytime you want to take a quick nap. Just keep in mind that a small, packable pillow is the best choice no matter where you are traveling.

Here's to getting a refreshing nap on your next flight!