Even if you can fall asleep anywhere, a good travel pillow is a great investment to make sure you have a healthy spine when you arrive at your destination. To keep yourself from waking with a stiff neck, sore shoulders or migraine, a travel pillow is a must for any trip.

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Travel Pillows for Support

Does you head tend to tilt back awkwardly or droop forward when you try to sleep during your travels? The travel pillow you buy should offer support no matter which way you lean.

Even when trying out bed pillows, experts recommend that you support the natural curve of your neck while you sleep to avoid spinal misalignment, muscle pain and headache.

A standard U-shape travel pillow supports a standard sleeper of average height in a typical seat. However, since everyone is unique, the Trtl Travel Pillow provides custom support for your neck in varying degrees, no matter which way you tilt or how far you lean. It's a solution you can rely on. 

Warm, Breathable and Flexible Travel Pillow

If you struggle to sleep when you're too warm, the Trtl Pillow is a great option. This unique and flexible pillow is constructed of breathable, machine-washable fleece. The ribs inside your Trtl Pillow provide steady support regardless of which way you tilt your head and without applying pressure to your face.

Support and Alignment Are the Goal

While a horseshoe neck pillow provides a cushion for your neck, the Trtl Pillow actually provides consistent support for your head as well. Travelers often wake with a stiff neck or suffer from a poor night's rest because their head is bobbing around as they try to sleep. Instead of nodding off, they're nodding awake.

The Trtl Pillow has a wrapping extension that allows you to determine how much flexibility your neck will be given as you rest against the internal brace. As you get used to your pillow, you may discover that you need more support or should place the brace at another point on your neck and face. Thanks to its flexible design, the Trtl Pillow can be easily repositioned until you find the support site that suits you best. In addition, this helpful pillow is available in both standard and extra support.

Your travels should be focused on your goals and hopes for this vacation, not a stiff neck. A Trtl Travel Pillow can help you enjoy safe, happy travels!