Falling asleep on a plane can be an uncomfortable experience if your head is bobbing around during travel. With a quality neck pillow, though, you could get in a good nap before your vacation or business trip really gets rolling. Could a scientifically designed and supportive neck pillow actually be good for you?

Supporting the Weight of Your Head

Human skulls can weigh up to 14 pounds. Whether you're nodding off or fully asleep, you're going to be putting a lot of pressure on your neck and upper back. Because of this bouncing pressure and continuous stretching, you are unlikely to get quality rest on a flight. However, a Trtl Travel Pillow can relieve that pressure.

Every Sleeper Is Different

Do you sleep on your side or your back? Depending on your usual sleeping position, your head may be inclined to tilt to one direction or another. No matter how much support you need from your Trtl Pillow or Trtl Pillow Plus, you can enjoy quality sleep against a scientifically tested neck support with soft, cozy wrapping designed for endlessly flexible arrangement. There's nothing like the warm feeling of a soft blanket around your neck as you rest.

Get Comfortable with your Travel Pillow

If you tend to tilt your head forward or back when you nod off in a chair, you may find that you develop a snoring habit. Snoring is hard on your body. It can limit your oxygen intake, leaving you feeling exhausted. Also, the compression of soft tissues in your mouth and throat that leads to snoring may cause a raspy sore throat.

By supporting your head and keeping your chin lifted slightly, you can enjoy quality sleep on your Trtl Pillow without disturbing your neighbors or waking yourself up.

Just because you took the red-eye doesn't mean you have to suffer from fatigue. With good support, you can get a decent amount of sleep during your flight and arrive refreshed.

Rest Comfortably

If you tend to feel cold on aircraft, your Trtl Pillow can keep you snug and cozy without the bulk of a blanket. By wrapping something soft and warm around your neck, you may find that you can rest comfortably on planes. This pillow offers great flexibility as you can choose how snugly to fasten it.

By protecting your neck against jerking or unnatural and awkward stretching, you can lower your risk of discomfort, rest well and enjoy your trip.

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