Regardless of whether you fly a little or a lot, you want to arrive at your destination feeling rested. Flight socks are long graduated compression socks. They're an essential accessory that helps keep your legs and feet comfortable when traveling.

They hug your legs tightly and are meant to increase circulation. Wearing flight socks, like those from Trtl, means you’re far less likely to get off an airplane with swollen feet.

You’ll instead be free to focus on your sightseeing itinerary or how you’re going to close that deal.

Trtl Flight Socks are both fashionable and comfortable, providing support for your feet from heel to toe.

How Are Flight Socks Different From Regular Socks?

Unlike the socks you wear every day, flight socks feel tight on your legs because they feature graduated compression. They exert a certain amount of pressure, measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg, which is strongest at the ankle.

As the sock rises up your leg, the pressure decreases. The objective of graduated compression is to promote circulation, specifically upwards towards the heart. This keeps blood from pooling in the lower part of the leg, where it can cause swelling. The 15-21 mmHg of compression that Trtl Flight Socks offer is mild but effective.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Flight Socks?

Trtl Flight Socks help maintain healthy circulation so that you step off the plane ready to roll. They can be worn on shorter trips, but they are most helpful on long-haul flights. That’s because sitting for prolonged periods of time is when you’re most prone to getting swollen ankles and feet. Compression socks also lower the probability of developing DVT, or Deep Vein Thrombosis. A condition made more likely by inactivity, DVT means blood clots have formed in the deep veins of the legs.

What Are Trtl Flight Socks Made From?

Our socks are knit with breathable Coolmax fabric and Lycra, known for helping garments keep their shape. Machine-washable and lightweight, the socks feel cozy on your feet. Of course, it’s not enough that socks feel good. You want to look stylish as well. Fortunately, gone are the days when compression socks were all beige. Trtl Flight Socks are available in both bright and neutral colors with playful geometric, floral or even fruit-inspired designs.

When flying, you always want to choose items that can do double-duty. Flight socks keep your feet warm and comfortable, just as regular socks would. However, they have the added benefit of making achy feet one less thing to think about when you travel.

Trtl Travel Flight Socks