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Rated 4.6 out of 5
Based on 1295 reviews

Trtl Travel Pillow

$59.98 $29.99
Buy a bundle and save 10% today!
  • FREE Delivery to United States
  • Scientifically proven neck support with adjustable fastening
  • Half the size of a U-shaped travel pillow and weighs half a pound
  • Machine washable super-soft fleece
  • Grey/Grey
  • Black/Black
  • Black/Coral
  • Grey/Black
  • Grey/Coral
  • Grey/Red

    Treat your Travel Buddy

    Buy a bundle of 2 and save 10% today!


    On Social Media

    • @nohahamid After traveling with cars, trains, buses and planes it’s safe to say that @trtlpillow is the only reason I slept. I was able to wake up refreshed! Every chance I got for a nap, I took advantage of because of my pillow

    • @born2die_traveling Can't wait for next week adventure..Bringing my @trtlpillow with me. I'll be sleeping like an 😇my travels are so much comfortable now.

    • @livingandlocal Can you spot my “must have” travel item?? HINT: Looks like a neck brace (maybe a weird scarf) ... A list of my essential international travel items is now LIVE on the L&L blog! (Also - this travel pillow allowed me to get some good sleep on the 8 hour plane ride - I’m a fan) 🙌🏼

    • @_sunnyinjune Brownie? Check. Book? Check. TRTL pillow? Check. I posted about the @trtl pillow in my stories before but im OBSESSED w this pillow. I PROMISE YOU this is the best travel pillow I’ve ever had. SoOOo much better than those C shaped pillows. #trtlpillow

    • @thelovedesignedlife along with the stroller (no wagon - thanks for letting me know in my stories guys!), sunscreen, and all of our disney accessories, you can be sure I'm packing my @trtl travel pillow for the haul

    • @nancykbuyrequest I bought that travel pillow wrap thing from Facebook😂😂😂 #trtlpillow I feel like I am in a neck brace but it is actually comfortable. Better than the pillow neck ring thing. And less bulky. I give it ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2 ⭐️ See ya on the beach!!

    • @leeabamonte:
      Flying to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII and excited to catch up on sleep during the flight before a busy weekend with my @trtlpillow. It’s the best travel pillow I’ve ever tried. Have you tried one?

    • @kara_j_miller Today on the blog, I'm sharing the three items I think you need to fall asleep on an airplane. They are essential for me when I fly! ✈️ Who else is gearing up for travel over the holidays?

      • I tried the cult-favorite Trtl travel pillow to see if it's worth the hype

        The Trtl is Insider Picks' favorite travel pillow, and an informal survey of my friends shows that we're not alone — I was actually surprised by how many people had heard of the brand, let alone own the pillow.
      • Five-star travel pillow branded “game changer” for long haul flights

        “... it seems like an absolute travel essential. Simply wear it like a scarf when travelling, and it creates a hammock-like effect to keep you cushioned and supported for as long as you need.”
      • The Most Comfortable Travel Pillow Is Essentially a Padded Scarf

        The Trtl pillow is so small that it’s essentially a padded scarf, taking up the same amount of space as a couple of magazines. Three interconnected bands hidden inside a hypoallergenic fleece exterior hold your head almost completely upright.

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