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Trtl Travel Socks
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Trtl Travel Socks

  • Maximum Comfort
  • Gentle Compression
  • Support For Your Legs and Feet
  • Available in 3 Sizes and 3 Unique Styles

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$19.99 USD

  • Maximum Comfort
    Trtl socks are knitted to the natural shape of your leg. Measure your ankle and calf and use our size chart to find the size that's perfect for you
  • Gentle Compression
    Trtl socks have a gentle graduated compression of 15-21 mmHg. This is designed to keep your legs healthy, reduce swelling and increase blood-flow, which has been show to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
  • Support For Your Legs and Feet
    Trtl socks feature support along the arch of your foot, holding the natural curve gently in place
  • Wear your Trtl Socks Time and Time Again
    Trtl socks are made with lightweight nylon so that you can use them time and time again with minimal wear. Knitted with quick drying fabric, they are also durable enough to last many washes
  • Show Your Personality
    Trtl socks feature unique and original designs so that you can show off your personality as you travel

We want you to get the most benefit out of your Trtl Socks, so it's really important to get the right fit.

Measure around the widest part of your calf and your ankle then our tool will suggest the best size for you.


Ankle Measurement:

Calf Measurement:

Please enter your calf and ankle measurements, along with shoe size for your recommended fit.

Size Chart

Please measure your calf and ankle circumference before choosing your Trtl Socks
If your measurements match two sizes, please choose the larger size.

INCHES or CM Small Medium Large
7½-8½ in 8½-9½ in 9½-10½ in
11-15 in 13-17 in 14-18 in
INCHES or CM Ankle
Small 7½-8½ in 11-15 in
Medium 8½-9½ in 13-17 in
Large 9½-10½ in 14-18 in

Why choose Trtl Travel Socks?

1. Graduated Compression of 15-21mmHg  at the ankle helps to reduce swelling and promotes a healthy circulation in your feet and calves, so you can feel awesome on your next journey wearing your Trtl Travel Socks. 

2. Made with COOLMAX fibre  and knitted using a breathable, comfortable knit. Lightweight and durable, made with LYCRA for superior fit and shape retention.  

3. Cushioned heel, toe and sole  for extra comfort on every step of the journey. Original designs with flat toe seams make for a superior sock experience. Trtl Socks are comfort guaranteed and traveller approved :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Trtl Sock size is best for me based on my usual shoe size?

It's really important that Trtl Socks, and compression socks in general, fit your leg well. For that reason, we always use your ankle and calf circumference, and not shoe size, to determine the size of your Trtl Socks. Please see the sizing chart for more information!

How do I measure my leg?

Any tape measure will do! Measure around the thin part of your leg, just above your ankle bone, and then around the widest part of your calf. Check out our video for more help!

How long will my Trtl Socks last for?

Trtl Socks will keep their compression for up to 30 washes. We would recommend to replace them after that.

How long should I wear my Trtl Socks for at a time?

Whilst there is no particular upper limit, we recommend that you just wear them like normal socks - take them off at the end of the day, or at the end of the journey! There's no need to wear your socks while you're laying down, so take them off before bed.

What does "hand-linked toe seams" mean and why is it so special?

Hand-linking is a high-quality way to join the toe pocket to the rest of the sock. Some socks use a bulky, irritating seam to do that, but hand-linked seams are completely flat. No toe irritation means an even more comfortable wear, every step of the way!

Can I use Trtl Socks to treat DVT, or instead of the socks the hospital gave me after my operation?

Trtl Socks are not designed to treat DVT. They are designed to improve blood circulation, which has been shown to help prevent DVT. If you need medical treatment you should always go to your doctor, and if they prescribe socks make sure you wear them.

My Trtl Socks seem to be much tighter/looser than they used to be. Why is this?

The first thing to do is remeasure your legs - we all fluctuate naturally in leg diameter, and its possible you may have moved up or down a size. If you are still the right size but your socks feel uncomfortable, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

How should I wash my socks?

Please machine wash your socks at 30 degrees, and don't use fabric conditioner. Drip dry them, and make sure you don't tumble dry, iron, or bleach them.

How do I put my socks on properly?

We find that turning the sock inside out up to the heel, sliding your foot in, and then unrolling the sock up your leg is the easiest way to put them on.  The key thing with compression socks is that they are smooth on your leg - there should be no wrinkles in the socks, and the cuff should not be folded down.

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