Oct 03, 2019

7 Reasons Packing Pods Are Better Than Packing Cubes


Kerry Martin

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Packing and unpacking is, let’s face it, not the most exciting thing about vacation. Traditional packing cubes do an adequate enough job of separating clothes and belongings in your luggage, but don't solve the packing problems we all face. 

Trtl Packing Pods do, so here's why they're so much better way to pack than traditional cubes.

Less creases

Trtl Packing Pods work best when you roll your clothes instead of folding them. By rolling your clothes, they’ll be less creased. No need to waste time flailing around looking for an iron – more time to enjoy what you are doing!

More space

Because the Packing Pods are super adaptable, and you are able to fit more into them by rolling your clothes – you’ll have more space to pack everything you need. From souvenirs, your full skincare regime to those must have gifts to yourself at duty free, the extra space will come in extra handy!  

Fits in any bag

Not only does the Packing Pod save you much-needed space due to its shape, it also fits in ANY bag. From backpacks to carry on cases and your hold luggage, the pods fit comfortably in all. All three pods can easily fit in a carry-on case.

No need to unpack

Imagine NEVER having to unpack when you reach your destination again. More time to do what you’re there to do, be it a business trip or enjoying every moment of your much-needed vacation with family and friends.

The unique way that the Packing Pods open and hang mean you can see everything that you need at a glance and won’t need to unpack.

Hang them from almost anywhere

As we’ve mentioned above, you can hang your pods from almost anywhere, in a formation that suits you. Think of your pods as a portable, hanging wardrobe.

The waterproof inner lining of the small bag makes it perfect for storing your toiletries. By hanging the pod easily from the towel rail, you’ll have easy access to your lotions and potions both in the shower and when you are getting ready to head out.

Easily separated with coloured tags

Each Packing Pod comes with its own colored label, to easily distinguish each pod and remember what you’ve packed in each pod, e.g. tops in the blue labelled pod, toiletries in the green labelled bag. Or if your case is shared between two, one bag for your partner and one for you, with a shared toiletry bag. Genius!  

Converts to a bag

One of the coolest things about the Trtl Packing Pods is that as well as holding your luggage, they can be converted into bags (Each set of packing pods comes with a FREE strap worth $15).

They can easily be adapted into a day bag for your travels (saving MORE space as you won’t need to pack a separate bag), a gym bag for vacation OR at home, or you can even use them to store your dirty laundry until you can get to a washing machine.

Can you see why we’re calling our Trtl Packing Pods the revolutionary way to pack? Much more versatile than cubes, grab $15.99 introductory discount whilst it lasts – and enjoy FREE shipping anywhere in the US, too! Simple enter the code PACK20 at checkout.