Aug 14, 2023

Hitting the Road: Epic Road Trip Extras


Trtl Guest

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Road trips are the ultimate sense of freedom. Just grab your stuff, throw it in the car and away you go!


Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of some non-essential essentials that will elevate any road trip into something Jack Kerouac himself would be jealous of. 


The ultimate soundtrack

No road trip is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Remember to download your playlists or albums so that even along a quiet mountain road you still have your tunes to keep you company. If none of your playlists are quite hitting the mark, why not  download an audiobook? Long drives are the perfect place to start ticking off your TBRs.




Trapped in the car with hangry passengers is a preventable nightmare. Keep the hunger at bay with a mixture of savory, sweet, healthy (and unhealthy) snacks - so no matter the craving, you’ve got the solution. A cool bag is a great addition to any road trip to keep those snacks, drinks (and road-trippers) chilled during any journey.




On long drives you never know when your next cafe pitstop will be. Keep yourself hydrated on long drives with both hot and cold beverages for whatever you need. Remember to fill up your water bottle every stop you can, or top up your flask before setting off each morning so you’ve got hot coffee whenever, wherever. Chilly's have a great selection to choose from.


The accessory to the perfect nap

Our Trtl Travel Pillow  is the perfect addition to any road trip! This one is for passengers only. Use our Trtl travel pillow to grab some z’s wherever you can (and maybe offer to swap with the driver so they can have a snooze too).         


Eye mask

When you’ve got a long drive ahead of you the next day, it’s good to get a proper night’s sleep. Our Trtl Glimpse Sleep Mask means that no matter where you stay (or how thin the curtains are) you’ll be able to sleep like a log and save your energy for the adventure ahead.



Whether you’ve got bored kids in the back or needing something to unwind at night, bringing some games to keep everyone entertained is always a good idea. You can never go wrong with a pack of cards but there are plenty of options that don’t take up a lot of room and are suitable for all ages. We love monopoly deal  and dobble.