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Is it safe to put your airplane neck pillow in the washing machine? Yes, some pillows can be machine-washed, but you need to check their care instructions first.

Not all neck pillows can be machine-washed, which means you'll have to either hand-wash or surface-wash them to keep them ready for your next flight.

How Do I Wash an Airplane Neck Pillow?

General tips to remember:

  • Machine wash on cold
  • Dry on low heat
  • Ensure the pillow's shape will not be changed by the washing process
  • Only use mild detergents and soaps

Machine-Washing an Airplane Neck Pillow

If your neck pillow is machine-washable, use a mild detergent and the washer's cold setting to clean it. To maintain a balanced load in the washer, it's a good idea to add a few pieces of clothing that also need to be washed on cold.

Check the care instructions again to know if the neck pillow can be placed in the dryer. For airplane neck pillows that can't be put in the dryer, you'll need to hang them to dry. Use low heat for pillows that can be placed in the dryer.

Our Trtl Pillow and Trtl Pillow Plus can be washed in the washing machine. Just take out the plastic insert and wash the fabric on cool.

We include full care instructions with the neck pillow so our customers have clarity on how to safely wash it. You want your neck pillow to not only be clean and fresh but maintain its original shape during your next trip.

Hand-Washing Your Airplane Neck Pillow

To hand-wash an airplane neck pillow, fill a bowl with water and wet a rag. Apply mild detergent to the rag and gently scrub the pillow. When you're ready to rinse the detergent off, use a different wet rag to dab the pillow clean of detergent. After hand-washing the pillow, hang it up or set it on a towel in a warm, dry place.


Travel Pillow - When in Doubt, Surface-Wash

Whenever you're unsure of how to wash the neck pillow, such as when the care label is too faded, it's best to go for a surface-wash. The process for surface-washing is similar to hand-washing, but it's more delicate to avoid getting water inside the pillow. 

Dampen a soft cloth with warm water, and add a drop of dish soap to the corner. Rub the soapy part of the cloth to create a lather. Next, gently rub any stain you spot on your neck pillow. Do your best to keep the beads away from the area you scrub if the pillow has microbeads inside. Use a clean, damp cloth to rub the soap off of the pillow, and leave the pillow to dry.

Cleaning an airplane neck pillow is an easy task that doesn't require any special materials or soaps. You'll enjoy the faint scent of your favorite detergent each time you sleep on the plane or train or during a long car ride when you get into the habit of cleaning your pillow.

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