If you love to travel but struggle to sleep on a plane, the Trtl Travel Neck Pillow is a great option. This unconventional pillow revolutionizes travel with its special design. Benefits of this travel pillow include the following:

  • Strengthened ribs to provide comfortable support to the head and neck
  • Extra-soft foam gives you plenty of padding
  • Fuzzy fleece outer layer is breathable and machine-washable
  • Compact size and weight make it easy to pack

How to Wear a Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

Getting all these great benefits from the Trtl Travel Neck Pillow is actually very easy. Once you figure out how the pillow works, putting it on is a breeze. Our guide will help you figure out how to get into your pillow and start napping.

Position the Trtl Pillow

Start with one end of the pillow in each hand and your arms extended. Lift the pillow up and over until it is draped around your neck. The side with the fuzzy part of the Velcro attachment should face outward from your neck. Make sure that the thicker side of the pillow is on the part of your neck you sleep on. This can be on either your left or your right side. Once the thicker side is in position, use your hand to keep it there.


Wrap the Trtl Pillow Around Your Neck

Take the other thinner end of the Trtl Pillow and extend it with your hand. Wrap the end around your neck. Depending on your preferences, you can wrap it over your hair or under your hair. Try to wrap it so that it is firm and supportive, but do not make it too tight. Some people like the wrapped pillow to go over their chin, but going under is also a possibility.

Secure the Pillow and Relax

To keep the pillow in place, line up the two halves of the Velcro. Gently press these attachments together until they are secure. Once the pillow is attached to itself, you are all done putting on your Trtl Pillow. You can lean against the support and get comfortable as you drift off to sleep.

As you can see, putting on the Trtl Travel Neck Pillow is actually quite simple. Most people can get it in place in under 10 seconds. After it is snugly in place, you can lean back, relax, and arrive at your destination feeling alert and refreshed.