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Trtl Pillow Plus

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 171 reviews
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 171 reviews

Trtl Pillow Plus

  • FREE Delivery to United States
  • The world's first fully adjustable travel pillow that fits all heights from petite to tall
  • The internal support provides premium comfort, keeping your head and neck in an ergonomic position.
  • Breathable mesh fabric helps to regulate temperature and added luxury memory foam padding
  • Compact and weighs less than 9 oz
  • Free water resistant carry bag with every Trtl Pillow Plus

On Social Media

  • @becca.irene Me missing every drink service on the flight because of my @trtl Pillow+ 😴 #socomfy

  • @tellyproducer Everyone knows I love a nap... but thank you @trtl for making that dream become - well - yet further dreams, by getting me to #EdFringe in such blissful comfort!

  • @swimmermichael Long travel day ahead of us... Plan: Fall asleep and wake up at home 🙌🏽 At least I’ll be comfortable 🙏🏽 @trtl #TravelDay #HomeBound #TRTLpillow

  • @rawtravelworld This interesting looking neck pillow by @trtl has been a life saver, and is 10X better then your conventional neck pillow. They have pretty stylish compression socks too 🙌

  • @jenatkinhair Bringing comfort to the plane since 2017🐢💤 @trtlpillow (thx @heatherkmcmahan for the rec)

  • @leeabamonte Flying from London to New York was a relaxing breeze with my new @trtlpillow Plus! It’s height adjustable with the push and twist toggles, has a breathable fabric that doesn’t get too warm

  • @colypios The only way I roll. 🐢🛌🛫 @trtlpillow best neck travel pillow out there. Trust, I tried them ALL. Nap well babes!  

    • A sturdy travel pillow that doesn't suck

      Apart from the questionable cleanliness of airline-issued pillows, they're also a sad excuse for a comfortable headrest. You owe it to yourself to invest in one that actually cradles your noggin in a way that makes drifting off to sleep inches from a stranger a cinch.
    • Building on the original pillow's success, Trtl is back with a brand-new iteration

      I had a chance to test a prototype of the pillow on a recent red-eye flight to Ireland, and found it to be excellent. While I was already a fan of the old model, I definitely preferred the Plus and found it more comfortable.
    • Is this really the best travel pillow you will own? We say yes.

      It solves a unique problem for travelers regarding where to rest your head while sleeping upright. It’s well made, relatively affordable, and is the most unique travel pillow on the market today. Oh, and it works. You can actually sleep on a plane without a stiff neck.

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