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As exciting as your holiday is going to be, it’s always best to have a checklist you run through to make sure your trip is also safe. Sadly, there are times where you don’t expect something to happen, and an allergic reaction can commonly be one of these surprises.

When it comes to allergic reactions, there are multiple levels of severity, and as soon as you notice your body disagreeing with something it’s best to follow this guide:

Make your friends and family aware of your reaction, it might not seem like something for concern straight away, but if it becomes worst, they’ll already be aware of the issue and can let a medical professional know about it so that they can handle the reaction better.

After speaking to your friends and family, you should make your way to a medical centre and seek the advice of a professional. It might just require a trip to a pharmacy (if it’s not bothering you too much), but make sure it’s a professional outlet or go to a local hospital if you feel unsure. pharmacy is usually highlighted with a lit sign in other countries and are easy to spot

Allergic reactions can occur from a lot of different variables while abroad, and you should remember that your body is continuously changing. So if you feel unusual after a meal or unwell, make sure you make people aware so that they can keep an eye out on you.

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