Feb 16, 2024

4 Trips to Inspire Your Next Group Getaway


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Organizing a group trip requires an A-team-like level of detail and focus. To make sure your trip makes it out of the group chat, you’ll need patience, knowledge and hope. To make this planning a little bit easier, we’re giving 4 different types of group trips that will guarantee everyone responds with eager enthusiasm.


To make sure the group trip makes it out of the group chat, you need an excellent trip to inspire and delight. Take a look at some ideas below and before you know it you’ll all be making memories together and planning a trip for next year.


The City Break

City breaks are an excellent crowd-pleaser for a group of people with varied interests (and you often have the bonus of an airport usually being close by.) With an array of theatres and museums for the “cultural ones”, as well as excellent shopping opportunities and clubs and bars, there is truly something for everyone when you book a city break. For the group on the go, there’s no better trip.


Suggestions for a city break:

New York, New York

Paris, France

New Orleans, Louisiana



The Outdoor Retreat

Heading up into the mountains does not mean that you have to go full Bear Grylls. Surround yourself with natural beauty and the more adventurous can head for the hills, while the others can just sit and chill. You can get the benefits of the outdoors and choose to recharge the way that works for you. Mountain yoga? Mud-spa? Challenging hike? Wine? All viable options. The benefits of being surrounded by the beautiful outdoors will impress everyone in the chat - no matter how un-outdoorsy they claim to be.


Suggestions for an outdoor retreat:

Banff, Canada

Reykjavík, Iceland

Vail, Colorado



The Beach Vacation

This is for the group who needs a bit more relaxation, while still having the option to be busy. A beach vacation is perfect for a group of friends who have a lot of different interests. Want to sit and read your book? You can do that. Want to swim a mile every morning? You can also do that. With a variety of accommodations, from a secluded village to an apartment on a bustling strip, you can actually get the best of all worlds with a trip like this.


Suggestions for a beach vacation:

Miami Beach, Florida

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bora Bora, French Polynesia




The Wine and Dine Trip

If there are still some folk who seem noncommittal, then it’s time to pull out the big guns - food. A trip that involves the best wining and dining will be sure to get everyone replying “I’m in”. After all, who doesn’t want to spend the day finding the best BBQ spot in Texas or drinking a glass of Australian wine in a gorgeous vineyard? When food is the common goal, everyone stays happy.

Suggestions for a wine and dine trip:

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Austin, Texas

Rome, Italy


Remember that although planning a trip for a group of friends is always a bit stressful, you’re all there to enjoy your time. You don’t all need to do the same things at the same time, all you need to do is relish making new memories together! And remember that no matter where you go, pack a Trtl Pillow and Trtl Glimpse Sleep Mask (so you can take some alone time when you need to.)