Mar 01, 2022

7 Things You Can Buy in Europe with Your Saving


Katja Luzar

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7 Things You Can Buy in Europe with Your Saving

Travelling is one of the things people are most excited about this year. Whether it’s the warm sand touching your feet, the sounds of ocean waves, the chatter on the busy streets, or the delicious food, there is always something that brings us joy when traveling.

Here at Trtl we also understand that budgeting for a trip is important. That’s why we have decided to help you save for your next adventure by gifting a FREE gift worth $20 with every purchase! This way you can add another exciting thing to your travel itinerary! To help you with this, we have put together a list of 7 things you can get around Europe with your saving.

1. Enjoy ‘Menu del Dia’ in Barcelona for $20

As we all know Spain is a beautiful Mediterranean country with plenty of things to offer. One of their many wonderful traditions is their Menu del Dia. Many restaurants in Spain and particularly Barcelona offer a ‘Menu del Dia’ or ‘Menu of the Day’ which is a set menu consisting of three courses – a starter, a main and a dessert for a price of around 15-17€ ($20). This is usually served with wine and bread. Who wouldn’t want a delicious Spanish feast while looking at the Sagrada Familia!

Photo by Duncan Kidd on Unsplash

2. Explore Ancient Rome

When thinking of Rome, we all imagine the amazing Roman structures and the pretty Italian streets. For 20$ you can have a sightseeing day in Rome! You can get admission tickets for the Pantheon and the Colosseum, and you will still have enough left to enjoy a proper Italian espresso. ‘When in Rome, do as Romans do!’

3. Fly for less than $20

If you’re craving a European adventure, look no further! Many affordable airlines offer European escapes, and you can easily find return plane tickets for London – Milan or London – Vienna and many other connections for less than $20. Trtl’s Clean & Protect Travel Kit has everything to keep you safe and it saves you the money to fly to Milan, best of both worlds!

Flying at sunset
Photo by Serhiy Hipskyy on Unsplash

4. Boat Ride on Lake Bled

If you're in the need of a vacation away from city life, the Alps and their Lakes are the spot to visit. From valleys to white mountain tops, and fresh air there is something for everyone. Slovenia offers many lakes however, the most famous one is Lake Bled. With a little island and a church in the middle of the water, it's a fairy-tale come true. A boat ride across the lake to the island will cost you only 12€. This way you can also indulge in one of the Slovenian famous desserts!

Lake Bled
Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

5. Berlin ZOO for 16€

Berlin is full of culture and history and it's a must-see! And don't worry the ZOO itself is a part of Berlin’s history since it is the oldest and best-known ZOO in Germany. It opened in 1844 and is has over 20,200 animals with over 1380 different species. That makes it a ZOO with one of the most exhaustive collections of species in the world! For 16€ ($20) you can visit the most-visited ZOO in Europe and one of the most popular ones worldwide!

Berlin ZOO
Photo by Adrian Trinkaus on Unsplash

6. Feel like a God/Goddess in Acropolis

Greece as a country offers beautiful islands, amazing food, and immense history. Athens offers plenty of historical and cultural sights and the most known one is definitely Acropolis. It is an ancient citadel proudly sitting above the city of Athens. Over the centuries, it has been home to the kings, a religious center, a mythical home of the gods, and a famous tourist attraction. You can visit Acropolis for as little as $20 and for a day live like a mythical god or goddess.

7. See Amsterdam from a Canal Cruise for $15

Last but not least is Amsterdam, a popular destination in Europe. Known as the Venice of the North it displays gorgeous canals and great architecture. A cruise through the canals gives astounding views of the city from a different perspective. Who wouldn’t want a peaceful ride on the canal while enjoying the scenery? You can get a cruise for $15 and the experience is priceless.

Amsterdam Canal
Photo by Claudia Lorusso on Unsplash

We hope we gave you some inspiration for your future travels. Make sure to get a FREE GIFT while stocks last and allow yourself to spend those $20 the best way possible – traveling!


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