Dec 31, 2021

Commuting Safely with Trtl


Emma Miller

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Commuting Safely with Trtl

"Phone, keys, wallet, face mask, hand sanitizer..." is probably what most of us recite to ourselves every time we leave our home: mentally ticking off all of the essentials we will need during the day. If you are anything like us, wearing a face mask and dousing your hands in sanitizer has become the new normal (whatever that is!). 

Here at Trtl, we have developed a range of travel-sized products to help you feel prepared and safe when braving the busy commuting world (or even vacationing!). Meet our Refresh & Protect Range!

Trtl Protect Mask

Our Trtl Protect Mask is the world’s first adaptable and multifunctional face mask with 3-in-1 adaptive protection depending on your location and surroundings.

1) Scarf Mode for convenience and comfort, meaning it's ready to pull it up into 2) Shield Mode, which is perfect for those who prefer a little breathing space. If your preference is a fully covered mask, then you have 3) Mask Mode. 

Our Protect Mask is great for busy people on the go. Not only do they offer three different wearing modes, but they also have three layers of protection! Every mask is designed with a filter pouch and comes with three standard PM2.5 filters. This level of protection is ideal for highly polluted areas, like a busy city centre or airport! They are also reusable and machine washable, adjustable for the perfect fit, and suitable for those wearing with glasses, hearing aids, and earphones! Who knew a face mask could do all that? Watch our video below for more information.

Trtl Clean & Protect Travel Kit

Alongside our Trtl Protect Mask, we have our Clean & Protect Travel Kit. Each kit contains:

  • 100ml 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (defends hands against 99.9% germs),
  • a packet of 30 x 75% Alcohol Sanitizer Wipes and,
  • 5 x KN95 Grade Reusable Face Masks.

If you commute via public transport, the Clean & Protect Travel Kit is essential to carry with you to keep your hands germ-free and for wiping down any surfaces before touching. This kit is also designed for airport use too, as it complies with the 100ml limit for hand luggage. 

We have also introduced our Refresh Range, which offers hand cleansers with various alcohol percentages to suit everyone. The small, compact bottle sizes make them easy to throw into your handbag, suitcase, briefcase, or even your pocket! This range also includes a moisturizing cream (currently only available in the UK) to keep your hands soft and smooth (we all know strong sanitizer is not ideal for dry skin!). 

Are you ready to take back the busy world of commuting?

Our thoughtfully crafted range helps you stay safe while being out and about: providing optimum protection and giving you peace of mind to get back to your daily routine.

We would love to hear your thoughts. If you have already braved public transport, share your story/experience and any tips you might have to ensure a safe and calm commute. 


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