Nov 26, 2020

Gifts that travel lovers can enjoy from the sofa


Nicola McKenzie

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Disneyland on Christmas morning. A Barbados beach on Boxing Day. New York City on New Year’s Eve. Every jet setter has their holiday bucket list, but this year, for lots of people, travelling has been put on hold. That doesn’t mean your loved ones have to stop exploring the world, though; here’s Trtl’s list of gifts for travel lovers who are confined to the sofa this festive season. 

  • Transport them with books 📚

    There are plenty of ways to let your loved ones escape with literature — whether it’s a travel diary from a dream destination, recipe books from their favourite vacations, or a planning guide for when they’re ready to explore the world again.

  • Send them a souvenir 🗼

    Bring back the memories of a special journey you took together, or give them travel inspiration with souvenir-style gifts from unique locations. You can find pasta-making kits for authentic Roman cacio e pepe, or mixology boxes that’ll turn your sitting room into a Brooklyn speakeasy bar. Get creative!
  • Let them learn a language 📝

    Why not give a friend or family member the opportunity to learn a new language? There are hundreds of options to choose from, and they can learn at home at their own pace. You can book them private online lessons, stock them up on local phrase books, or get them a subscription to an interactive app.

What will you be giving this holiday season? Let us know over on Twitter @TrtlTravel.