Nov 27, 2020

Meet The Trtl Ambassadors : Anthony Tucker


Nicola McKenzie

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We don’t need to tell you how important wearing a mask is. But getting a comfortable fit can be such a struggle - because your face is made up of unique features! 

It’s especially tough for those of us who wear glasses or have beards. That’s why we’re super excited to share today’s Trtl Ambassador with you - as he knows just how to rock the Trtl Protect Mask + perfectly groomed beard combo! 

Anthony Tucker is a super stylish Trtl Ambassador who lives and works in New York. Follow him on Instagram

Watch The Video to see how Anthony wears his Trtl Protect Mask:

Always On

Living and commuting in busy NYC and travelling for work means Anthony needs a face mask that offers him adaptable protection, for those days when he’s out and about getting things done!

Anthony Tucker wearing Trtl Protect Mask in grocery store
The Trtl Protect Mask Offers Anthony three ways to wear. Anthony's starts out  in Scarf mode to ensure his mask is always right there whenever he needs it (and coordinating perfectly with his headband)!

Scarf mode is ideal for popping in and out of stores, running errands or those unexpected visits! 

Mask Mode

Next Anthony shows us just how quick and easy it is to switch the way you’re wearing the Trtl Protect Mask, “from Scarf to Shield to Mask in seconds!”.

In Mask mode - Anthony’s full beard is covered as the mask wraps around his chin. This is super important because if your mask isn’t covering your beard it’s not going to fit properly making it less effective.

The Trtl Protect Mask has an adaptable fit so it’s a great solution whether you have a beard or not! If you have a beard, we'd love to know what you do to keep it in check when wearing a mask.

Plus make sure you check out our blog full of skincare tips for wearing a mask - including beard care! 

Think you could be the next Trtl Ambassador? We’re always looking for authentic, adventurers who embody our message of living life to the full - whatever that means to you.

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