May 17, 2023

Summer Adventure Bucket List


Trtl Guest

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Have you made a 2023 summer bucket list? We think you should take it one step further and make a summer ADVENTURE bucket list!


You might be a student with several months off school, an employee that wants to use their vacation days wisely, or a parent who needs to factor in lots of extra details when it comes to holiday planning. But the great thing about this list is that some items can be ticked off over the weekend or after work in your free time! Don’t let the summer slip away – make the most of every moment.



Trtl’s Summer Adventure Bucket List 2023


Swim in a body of water

Ocean, lake, river, whatever you like! Just make sure it’s a safe place to swim.


Star gaze

Get away from those bright city lights and bring a blanket or sit out on the hood of your car. Make it even more comfortable with some help from our Trtl Travel Pillow!


Set up a photoshoot

Capture some memories with your favorite people at some photographic locations.


Road trip

Full tank of gas, great tunes, wind in your hair, and a friend by your side – can’t lose!


Build a sandcastle

Who says this activity is only for children? Throw out the rulebook and get some sand in those hands.


Travel somewhere beginning with G

Okay, it doesn’t have to be the letter ‘g’ but you can browse the alphabet and let fate decide your next trip!


Go on a bike ride

This might not seem exciting if you ride your bike all the time, so head off in a direction you don’t usually explore.


Connect with nature

You could go camping, head off for a woodland stroll, or just sleep out in your back garden for one night. Whatever it means to you!


Take a train ride

If you have access to a good rail network, make the most of it! Get your ticket and then pick a random stop to exit the train and start your adventure.


Dance in the rain

Sound uncomfortable? You won’t find out until you try it for yourself! Just wrap up warm and make sure to dry off fully when you get back indoors.


Search for the best ice cream

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, which means you might have to eat a lot of ice cream to find the best shop. But hey – somebody’s gotta do it!


Attend a festival

No need to bankrupt yourself for a festival like Coachella when there are probably loads of music events happening in your local area. Find something that fits your budget and your taste.


Be a tourist in your local area

See your hometown through the eyes of a visitor! Explore any cultural hotspots, try a new restaurant, and catch some live music.


Be a tourist somewhere new

Pack a bag (using our Trtl Packing Pods to keep everything organized) and head off into the unknown for a completely new experience.


How many of these adventures do you think you can tick off your summer bucket list this year? Start planning now to fit in as much fun as possible!