Sep 13, 2019

The 3 Tips You NEED To Know If You’re Traveling With A Child


Kerry Martin

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Traveling with a child, especially long-haul, can be notoriously difficult if you’re underprepared. An unorganised parent is a stressed parent! Check out our very best tips to ensure their journey – and yours – is as comfortable as possible. After all, a holiday is supposed to be enjoyable!

Stick to their routine in the days leading up to travel

Travelling with a child needn't be stressful

The night before you travel can be more than a bit hectic. Suitcases lying open over the floor, documents strewn over the couch, it’s a chaotic time and easy to let routines slip as you prepare for your travels. This can result in a child getting to bed later than usual, throwing them off their routine and meaning they could end up cranky and tired the next day. It’s not an ideal start for your potentially long journey. So, no matter how busy you feel, keep them to their usual routine right up until they travel. It’ll make the world of difference.

Make their comfort your priority

The Trtl Pillow Junior will help them rest

A long journey is no fun if you’re uncomfortable. The same goes for the little ones. Buy them new pyjamas and put them on for the flight, take their favourite blanket if you’ve got space in your hand luggage and, if they’re aged 8 or up, take a Trtl Pillow Junior. They’ll be comfortable enough to nab a proper sleep, ensuring you all arrive at your destination well rested and ready for the adventures to begin!

Boredom is the enemy

The key to stress free child travel is to prevent boredom

The main reason children act up on a flight is boredom. Stuck in a confined space, with a limited amount of things to do can be extremely tedious for youngsters. Plan a bag of small toys and gifts but don’t tell them until you’re on board and stagger them over the duration of the flight. They’ll be thrilled with the gifts, and be entertained at the same time. Toys, games, books or their favourite treat will go down a storm and can be picked up cheaply from bargain stores or a supermarket.

Follow these simple tips and get your holiday off to a stress-free start!