Jun 22, 2023

The Best of Barcelona in Two Days


Trtl Guest

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Guest blog by our Get Lost Community member Ashley MacPherson.


How to make the most of your time in one of Europe’s most popular cities!

Park Güell, Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city full of life, culture and amazing food. It’s the 16th most visited city in the world, drawing millions of tourists each year and in 2022, it ranked sixth in World’s Best Cities report.

Here is how to get the most out of your two days in this fabulous Mediterranean city.

Day 1

Consider a free walking tour or a bus tour the morning of your first day in the city to see what you’d like to explore further on day two.

Start your time in Barcelona by getting a feel for the cities classic neighborhoods, delicious foods and architectural wonders.

Take in the architectural splendor of Gaudi

Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi pioneered the Art Nouveau movement in Spain. His works can be seen hidden, and boldly apparent, throughout the city — most notably in Park Güell (a stunning park overlooking the city), Casa Mila “La Pedrera” and Casa Batllo, the later two of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Gaudi also influenced the Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church that has been under construction for over 140 years! This unique architecture is well worth a visit, and is a 20 minute walk to Park Güell. To get a flavor for gothic architecture of the city, visit the Barcelona Cathedral. If museums peak your interest, the Picasso Museum showcases the native artist’s formulate years.

Savor local tapas in the quaint city squares.

Neighborhood square in Barcelona

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to dive into the culinary wonders of Barcelona. One of the best ways to experience the city is to slow down and peruse the streets of neighborhoods like Gracia, the Gothic Quarter, and L’Eixample. Stop as you please and delight in the local libations of pan con tomate, piemientos de padron, patatas bravos, and pincho de pollo. Sip delicious red wine, and stop into one of the many popular gin bars as you pass by to partake in the trendy nightlife scene.

Day 2

Bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches.

Beach in Barcelona

Seeing more than 300 days of sunshine, Barcelona is a great destination to check out the beaches, which are dotted with beachside restaurants — don’t pass on the paella! Barcelonetta is the city’s most famous and popular beach, but can get quite crowded in high tourist seasons.

Experience the city through shows, shopping and new views.

If shopping is your thing, stroll over to La Rambla shopping district and stop into La Boqueria — a market featuring a variety of tapas and fresh foods. Passeig de Gracia, one of the cities most iconic spots, is another great way to experience the city’s shopping, along with its culture and cuisine.

For an aerial view of the city, hop on the cable car at Montjuic for a stunning ride on the aerial tram that will whisk you from the beach to Montjuic Parc, where you can catch the Montjüic Magic Fountain at night (typically between 8 pm and 10 pm).

If Barcelona is your only stop in Spain and you won’t make it to Andalucia (which I highly recommend if you can) you have the option to experience La Flamenco in the city! Grab a ticket to a traditional flamenco show at the UNESCO World Heritage site of La Palau de la Musica for an unforgettable show of culture and dancing talent.

Extend your trip to experience a few more wonders!


If time allows, choose from one of these exciting activities:

  • Drive (or road bike) up to Tibidabo, a charming theme park with an incredible view of the city — with bonus breathtaking views at sunrise!
  • Take a day trip to Montserrat, a beautiful mountain range with a Benedictine monastery cut into the mountainside, offering phenomenal views of Catalunya.
  • Participate in the fandom and excitement of an FC Barcelona game at the infamous Camp Nou, surrounded by almost 100,000 fans (and if a game isn’t on, you can always do the stadium tour).

Whatever you choose, Barcelona is a city that is sure not to disappoint. Be safe, soak it in and…que te diviertas (have fun)!